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Discover the new Yueshan wood grain melamine sheets with EIR technology. You will notice and feel the unique properties immediately: because of a fresh technology, the embossed texture precisely echo the printed picture.
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      Discover the new Yueshan  white oak  wood grain melamine sheets . with EIR technology  options available . You will notice and feel the unique properties immediately. because of a fresh technology. the  particle board  embossed texture echo. the  density fiberboard  red oak  printed  wood products  picture. As a result, the natural wood looks and the feeling are a perfect match. The new  special order  EIR technology combines the best of both worlds. for  melamine particle  real surfaces, floor and  superior durability  furniture.

      Everything you see is everything you get  also stock. browse the synchronicity  timber products for yourself with the enclosed samples. Discover wood grain  medium density  melamine board  textured panels that not look genuine. but actually surpass  natural maple  the originals in important respects. they are perfect for  solid colors  natural wood three-dimensional procedures with light-fast. scratch-resistant and resistant to mechanical tension. What is it that makes these wood grain melamine sheets so particular? Actually. the  textured melamine  wood grain melamine sheets. have a particularly organic pearl white look. thanks to a new production process.  Pls please contact us for more detail

melamine wood sheets

      Enjoy an ever growing collection of decors featuring. EIR- furthermore to our standard share range. Take melamine wood sheets benefit of Yueshan incomparable experience and use wood grain melamine. with EIR technology. We have the ability to provide you the majority of popular styles as real wooden grains. Even better compared to the real thing. especially for surfaces put through extreme stress. the scratch resistance and stain-resistance of melamine board prove their worth.

wood grain melamine board

wood grain melamine FAQ

melamine board many applications

     textured panels White melamine board. create a small white studio, easy and generous. The table that places by the window, can receive natural mild. On the alternative side are amusement areas wherein you could take a snooze or chat with friends. and circle of relatives whilst you tired from work. The largest precise characteristic of the studio design is. that the white photo body fabricated from wide selection melamine board. is all around the pinnacle of the wall.

      With white melamine board the smooth white desk. that makes foiled in gules placing wall under. more appear cozy and natural. The design of white clapboard of melamine board on the wall can save extra books. making the storage of the studio greater handy. The cute adornment that puts on the desk

      So white melamine board wide range used in: the general dresser. cabinets, rest room cabinets, television shelves. shoe cabinets, display shelves, wine shelves, commercial partition, office fixtures, sanitary partition.office furniture

What is white melamine board?

      Melamine board  timber products  style of colorings, colorful. and white melamine board is fresh and clean. Melamine board  white oak broke thru the previous density board. and particleboard. as the base material of unfastened formaldehyde excessive, easy to bubble, layer. explosion facet, moisture resistance. bad nail grip and other shortcomings, but additionally to  natural wood conquer. the paint board surface smooth to provide scratches and harm to the human frame scent.  density fiberboard is pain-loose, put on-resistant, high temperature, corrosion resistance. waterproof and moisture-proof, nail grip. environmental safety, low carbon, the surface will now not alternate colour or peel. with many herbal wooden cannot have first rate performance. The fixtures that makes with it want no longer cross up lacquer. the floor forms defensive movie, put on-resisting, be capable of undergo. or undergo scratch, be capable of endure or bear acid and alkali,  textured panels be capable of bear or bear warm. be able to undergo or endure pollution.

Can Melamine be painted?

      Melamine can painted at the board, but medium density fiberboard mdf ought to use a sanding gadget to sand off the floor of a layer of grease. portray can most effective finished whilst the floor has no vivid spots, so that (pu,uv) adhesion is no hassle. I want to do paint earlier than sanding, but locate many producers paint to strive, have no answer. with this approach is the exceptional.

I propose you follow the following process to do (PU) :  sanding - dirt elimination - spraying (1-2 instances)

If your corporation's output is massive. you could don't forget UV automated coating line. the procedure is as follows (spotlight effect) :

 sanding - dirt elimination - roller base -UV curing - sanding - dust removal - roller coating - spray coating -UV curing

melamine wholesalers

With so many colors, finishes, and texture designs available. our TFL panels can used anywhere.

Add color or other accents to cabinet doors and drawer fronts

Create depth, warmth, and style to any room

Get the look you want with custom colors, textures. and woodgrains (or a combination of all three) available by special order

wood grain melamine


particle board. options available. special order. red oak. hardrock maple. wild cherry. density fiberboard. hardwood plywood. spectrum division. custom layup. maple melamine. melamine panel. walnut pittoni. mezzo cherry. trento oak. 5' 10'. 5' 12'. grey melamine. oyster pine. dark teak. river rock. sand pine. natural oak. fusion maple. commonly used. almond melamine. black melamine. also found. rock maple. grain patterns. mdf crossbands. summer flame. windsor mahogany. cordoba pine. 

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