Wood Grain Melamine Panels

The Wood grain Melamine synchronization panels surfaces will be the most resistant among those used in the furniture field.
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melamine black panel Description


Product name:

Wood grain melamine panels

Melamine board type:

MDF, particleboard, waterproof particleboard, plywood, etc


1220*2440 mm, as your request



Glue standard:

E0, E1, E2,MR

Surface finish:

melamine paper laminated


all kinds of wood grain color and pure color

Embossing texture design:

70 kinds different embossing including:
matt, rough, leather, wove, flower, high gloss,
synchronized embossing, crocodile texture,
corrugated texture.


FOB term: 1*20GP  / EX-WORKS term: 100 panels


 Melamine panels

     The Wood grain Melamine synchronization Engineered wood surfaces will be the most resistant. among those used in the furniture field. There are a variety of thicknesses and wood grain colors for you to select. For example,9mm black melamine panels、12mm white melamine resin board. and 15mm teak wood grain melamine board.

      For cleaning, it is preferable to select a detergent for household use. It  suggested that you prevent spraying items onto the surface. as this might leave stains and marks. instead of, it is better to apply the detergent item on a smooth damp fabric, clean the surface and rinse it.

      Stay away from abrasive items, bleach or chlorinated items or acids.

      In the event of very light colors of Wood grain Melamine synchronization wood panels. these cleaning procedures could be insufficient. to be able to take away the dirt from the furrows of the deep areas.  In this case. it suggested to clean that region, by utilizing a melamine magic sponge. wet the sponge with tepid water and squeeze it. Stay away from abrasive sponges, because they may damage the surface.

        Upon request, a cleaning package including a moderate detergent. and a magic sponge is Manufacturing by Yueshan to the interested clients.

How to cut mealmine panel ?

Melamine-coated particleboard is a great material for storage. basement, garage, home office, and kid’s room projects. It’s less expensive than plywood and has a much cleaner finished look than painted MDF or fiberboard. Unfortunately, the plastic resins in the coating are prone to chip when cut with a spinning saw blade. They make special (read: expensive) saw blades for the task, but with a bit of care. you can get clean, factory-like edges with the circular or table saw blade you currently have.

This technique will also work when salvaging old particleboard furniture from secondhand stores. or garage sales.

First, measure your cut line and use a straight edge, utility knife. or box cutter to score along the line on both sides of the board.

Next, set up your table saw or circular saw blade to cut 1/4″ into the material. You are not cutting through the material here. you are creating a clean cut in the bottom face of the melamine. Since most chips occur when the teeth. that are not actually removing material come in contact with the surface. this 1/4″ deep scoring will help prevent tear-out during the final cut.

Now, set your blade height or cut depth to. above the gullets of the blade (the standard height to prevent kickback)

Turn on the saw and make your final cut.

2.melamine panels production

Wood Grain Melamine Panels FAQ:

What is melamine plywood?

     Our thermally-fused laminates (TFL). also known as melamine panels, are available in a wide range of colors, woodgrains. and decorative patterns. We also have access to hundreds of others with small order minimums.

     We thermally fuse the melamine to your choice of high-quality substrates. most manufactured in our own facilities. Furthermore, we can custom-design and engineer a panel to meet your exact specifications. including TFL panels up to 5-feet wide and 10-feet long. used as an overlay for building materials like MDF or plywood. In its most basic form, melamine is an organic compound that when combined with formaldehyde forms a durable the plastic.

What's textured melamine?

       Melamine made from an ultra-thin piece of paper. and pressure fusing a texture design melamine paper. onto particleboard to produce the textured quality or three-dimensional effect. supplying a seamless integration of pattern and color.

What's white colored melamine? 

      Melamine is particleboard laminated having a thermally fused paper resin . coating to supply a durable hard surface. Ideal for making cabinet car cases since it wipes clean . usit, too, for shop fixtures to make a cost-effective router-desktop. Melamine is resistant against scratches, chemicals, and staining.

What's the best saw blade for cutting melamine?

      Otherwise, don't concerned about this and try it out. First, name your cut line, and score each side having a utility knife. Second, set your saw or circular saw blade to chop about 1/4" into one top of the melamine.


2.wood grain melamine panels


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