Wood Effect Melamine Board

Perhaps you have ever noticed a “DO NOT Touch” indication after your hand has already touched on synchronized wood effect melamine board.
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What Is Wood Grain Finishes Melamine Sheet


Environmental board with melamine panel faced chipbaord. White furniture complete name may be the melamine veneer sheet materials plywood. high gloss wood grainmelamine-impregnated paper is by using different color. or texture of paper drenched within the environmental faced mdf board resin adhesive. to some extent of curing and drying. the store is within maple furniture particie board. moistureproof board, MDF, plywood, joinery board surface. or any other hardboard. via hot pressing and ornamental board. Environmental melamine edging board. only refers building materials back to the center of the substrate. for many layers of wood grain wood (plywood). joinery board (for example malacca, fir, tung, common, etc.) melamine decorative panels. Painting decorating utilized in white melamine furniture, cabinets, wardrobes. sanitary cabinets along with other fields.


Advantage Of Melamine Faced Laminated Panel


Condition board number of solid oak wood worktops colors, mfc boards gorgeous colors. It's discomfort-free, put on-resistant, hot temperature, corrosion resistance. waterproof and moisture-proof, nail grip, ecological protection, low carbon. the solid oak top won't change color or peel, with lots of natural


 wood can't have excellent wood grain performance A great option to furniture ,


Yueshan 18mm boardssynchronized wood effect melamine board offers you:


Elegance without the maintenance






Unlimited design potential to suitable for you


Application Of Wood-Grain Appearanceboards


Yueshan wood grain synchronized wood effect melamine board is PREFERABLE to Ever


 Our wood effect melamine sheets has the simulate the surfaced


 textures and features of wood. And they are so beautiful, you


 can’t know the difference between melamine board and “genuine.” We’re about innovative techniques,  solid oak Texture, it’s everything you feel.


Wood Pattern Melamine Sheets Supplier-Yueshan


At Yueshan, we recognize that your choice reflects your character. That’s why our synchronized wood effect melamine board use of solid wood timber can provides it all for you. synchronized wood effect melamine board procedure. that aligns light scraping with a advanced photo picture. The technique enhances the practical appear of melamine board. Please Touch! Yueshan synchronized wood effect melamine board as great as they feel.

2.raw wood effect melamine


2.wood effect melamine board application

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