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The Synchronize textured melamine sheets is laminated in Yueshan and undergoes a strict quality control inspection for consistency in thickness and density of materials and also its modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, bending strength and moisture content.
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textured melamine sheets intruduction What is textured melamine?

If you have custom  medium density  wood grain  textures in your home, it's made . without a  woodgrain patterns  ornamental panels wished. after deciding on your favourite  structured melamine colour. And the  rustic oak   fiberboard mdf  furnishings that makes. with the aid of carpentry master through hand. do not want to customize  timber products  cupboard door. a handsome  horizontal grain  beautify face mdf wood can also have the impact. that adjustments  lakeshore oak  appearance and experience. Decorative panel is to apply timber, stone. grain patterns  metallic and other  particle board   natural wood  reduce into skinny slices. paste in  vertical grain   textured panels plywood, fiberboard  veneer core. melamine paper particleboard and other fundamental board made after hot strain. Without a doubt placed, skin + base plate = veneer. Ornamental panel may used for wall, column. furnishings surface, cabinet door and different locations. the general use of family 3mm thick thin   color surface  decorative panel. thick 9mm ornamental panel utilized in commercial and workplace buildings.  solid colors  Wooden grain floor. considered one of them follow the  thermally fused widest. with natural timber or guy-made wooden grain street do veneer. for instance the walnut that heats up , oak. this kind of act the position of face plate also often calls timber to behave the function of face. Custom furnishings for a long time do no longer like the colour. can also exchange the floor with the help of decorative panels. or even without delay right into a patchwork impact. Besides can get real wood to experience with lower fee. the largest advantage that decorate face  mdf wood is modelling changeful. want what kind on the way to be what kind.

What is the thickness of textured melamine board?

European imports, trendy  specification (mm) : 2800×2070, 3060×2070, 4150×2070, thickness (mm) : 8, 10, 12, 15, sixteen, 18, 19, 22, 25; Specification of moisture-proof board (unit mm) : 2800×2070, 3060×2070, thickness (mm) : 12, 16, 19, 22, 30

Domestic : specification 1220*2440 1525*2440 1830*2440 thickness generally has 12mm,16mm,18mm

What are melamine boards? textured melamine panels knowledge

Further to the above capabilities, this board also has the advantages of clean surface, easy upkeep and cleaning, with the extraordinary overall performance that natural timber can not have both, is a great wall decoration cloth. Melamine board, known as melamine board, the industry prefer to name the ecological board, the whole call is melamine impregnated paper veneer artificial board. This kind of plank is pressed via warm press cross up and shape, holding very critical role in human beings's heart. It is said, 3 cyanide board has put on-resisting, be able to endure or bear scratch, be capable of endure or undergo acid and alkali, be able to undergo or endure a number of traits along with pollution, it can make furnishings look solid and sturdy, the furnishings that makes with it want now not cross up lacquer, the surface can shape shielding movie naturally, frequently be used at interior constructing and the adornment of all sorts of fixtures, ambry.

Similarly, melamine board mild weight, mildewproof, fireplace prevention, warmness resistance, earthquake resistance, easy cleaning, renewable and different traits, fully in step with the energy saving, ecological protection of the installed coverage, so it's far called the ecological board. Of course, it may additionally copy any layout, vivid coloration, as a ramification of wooden-based totally veneer and wooden. Because of its good chemical resistance, can resist acid, alkali, grease and the abrasion of alcohol and other solvents, including can successfully save you the complete cloth cabinet on the high give up used as preservative of formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde resin as a result of environmental pollutants, nevertheless can replace wood plank, aluminous version board etc mirror, excessive put on resistance, anti-static, anaglyph, metal completing, and many others.

melamine sheets Product Process

The  wood grain  Synchronize textured melamine sheets  laminated in Yueshan . and undergoes a strict quality control  density fiberboard  inspection for consistency in thickness. and density of materials. and also its modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, bending strength. and moisture content. Another  particle board  test for boiling water resistance can conducted in the event . of the High Dampness Resistant quality melamine boards.

The  woodgrain patterns  Synchronize textured melamine panels  fiberboard mdf  sorted. according to thicknesses which range from 3mm to 30 mm. and in the typical size of 2440 mm x 1220 mm and laminated as per the clients need.

melamine sheets suppliers-buy melamine sheets at Yueshan

The Synchronize textured melamine boards  color surface  sandwiched. between two resin treated papers which are "fused" to the board under heat . and  fiberboard mdf pressure in a hydraulic brief cycle press in a period cycle of 30 - 45 seconds. and the lamination procedure completed.

The ultimate  pressure laminate Synchronize textured melamine sheets trimmed on all the sides. and then medium density  delivered to the stacking assembly line. where it loaded onto forklifts and shifted to the stock yard.

The  mdf wood Synchronize textured melamine panels is a scratch resistant laminate. which can be resistant to heat, chemical stains, moisture, termite attack.

textured melamine board

textured melamine sheets

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