Synchronized Melamine Panels

Because of the performance, design versatility and price advantages, synchronized melamine panels offers a great option for designers and specifiers.
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 melamine panels 

      Synchronized melamine panels. manufactured by fusing a resin-impregnated Engineered wood of decor melamine paper. right to a substrate. There is no Kraft paper found in synchronized melamine board. and the resulting panel is usually ready for finishing. 

      Heat and high pressure laminate. activate the resin in the saturated synchronized melamine natural wood-grains board. creating a cross-linked relationship with the substrate. This seals the substrate. Melamine faced board is ideal substrates for furniture because they're consistent. uniform in strength and free of defects

 melamine board texture Design 

       Because of the performance, design versatility. and price advantages, synchronized melamine panels. offer a great option for designers and specifiers. There is wood-grain effects、Natural wood-grains、and superior wood-grain effect panel. At the same time, Synchronized melamine panels could manufactured with improved visual. and performance characteristics. Surface textures manufactured with metal press plates. that emboss the ornamental overlay to heighten the realism. of wood- grain or abstract designs. Metal press plates may also utilized to produce or control the gloss degree of the surface. Have a great scratch and wear level of resistance. that may endure the high demands of many environments

 wood grain melamine panels application

Particle board、Medium-density fibreboard、faced plywood

Office Furniture

 maple melamine board 

Closet System Components,

Store Fixtures


As a Leading Manufacturer YueShan synchronized melamine faced board. treated as a decorative board. It is also used in health-treatment, hospitality, industrial and retail configurations.



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melamine panels suppliers- Yueshan

      Melamine panels offer a lower cost alternative to plastic laminate. The decorative paper faces saturated with melamine resin. and then thermally fused to a substrate using heat and pressure. The paper face bonds to the board with no possibility of delamination. the color products available have  hardrock maple. folkstone grey.   it commonly used for  building materials 

       china synchronizing panel factory - Yueshan thermosetting plastic Melamine interiors  wood products are stain resistant. and extremely durable, requiring no sanding or finish. This makes them a great addition to entertainment centers. laundry rooms, mudrooms, home offices and workshop tables. as the slick surface makes it easy to move heavy assemblies.

      Our thermally-fused laminates (TFL)  board panels.  also known as melamine panels. are available in a wide range of colors, woodgrains, and decorative patterns. We also have access to hundreds of others with small order minimums.

      We thermally fuse the melamine to your choice of high-quality substrates. most manufactured in our own facilities. Furthermore, we can custom-design and engineer a panel to meet your exact specifications. including TFL  panels sheets up to 5-feet wide and 10-feet long.

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