Synchronized Melamine Mdf

Synchronized embossed melamine MDF are manufactured from advanced technology, melamine laminated mdfis usually pressed under high extremely pressure with steel plates to create different embossed mdf sheets.
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melamine coated mdf

    melamine faced mdf is  melamine resin ( a hard resin commonly used. as an overlay for building materials )  laminate on  medium density  fiberboard . In its most basic form, melamine is an organic compound that. when combined with  formaldehyde nauf forms a durable  thermally fused  durable plastic . This 'plastic' is then added to a paper base to form the laminate. that covers a variety of materials and household objects.  solid wood  fiberboard mdf is kinds of the  pressure laminate  board

    Melamine MDF or Thermally Fused Laminate is decorative surface option for particleboard. or MDF panels and  mdf sheets can used to replace. high pressure laminates in many applications.

    melamine coated mdf is easy-to-clean, scratch and stain resistant.  melamine mdf board saves money and time. because the application process doesn’t need sanding. or finishing as with solid wood products.

     melamine laminated mdf comes in many colors and thicknesses and textures.  mdf melamine board is ideal for cabinets, countertops, furniture and shelving.   mdf melamine can used for unique applications, as well.

Melamine MDF board specific


double size Synchronized embossed melamine MDF board

Based Board

MDF, Particle board, plywood 



synchronize mdf  18mm ,1220*2440mm(4x8) or As Your requirement


18mm mdf , mdf 3mm, mdf 25mm ,12mm



Melamine Paper

complete range palette of unique colors :cement And wood stone,more new finishing are carry out
(More Than Four Hundred Colors)



Below 8%


650-750 kg/M3

Surface Treatment

Smooth, Matt, Glossy, Embossed, etc

            color                            grey, white, black melamine MDF
             Type                    moisture resistant,  fire rated  mdf sheets


Loose Packing or Standard Pallet Packing as your request


CRAB,ISO9001,ISO14001. fsc certified


Usage Adequate For Making Furniture




T/T Or L/C At Sight

Delivery Time

Within 15-20 Days After Receiving Deposit Or Original L/C At Sight

 melamine laminated mdf Advantages

    1.  mdf melamine has a smooth feel consistent on the entire material.

     2.  mdf melamine board is less costly than Plywood.

    3.  mdf sheets makes use of wood residuals in. their processing phase thereby enables more conservation of trees.

    4. For  embossed mdf sheets finishing. painting is easier on MDF compared to typical wood as some colors won’t be suitable for it.

    5.  melamine faced mdfcan shaped to suit various designs. The consistent smooth nature of the material. makes it easier to cut through using tools such as jigsaw and band saw.

    6. For Veneer, melamine laminated mdf is an excellent substrate.

 melamine paper mdfis consistent in strength too.

 melamine mdf board Disadvantages

     1. Unless melamine mdf board is and completely sealed, MDF will soak up water, swell and break. To prevent this, use a suitable sealing product such as an oil-based primer.

    2.  colored melamine sheetsis a heavy material compared to plywood.

    3. During cutting and sanding, it is advisable to use a particle mask. embossed mdf boardhas formaldehyde which can cause irritation or allergy. Formaldehyde also increases chances of an individual getting cancer. as it emits certain gases. With time, a piece of furniture made of  faced mdf boardwill have less of these substances. 

     4. The minimal content of formaldehyde in home furniture to be 0.11ppm and 0.07ppm . For new furniture made of MDF, it is advisable to isolate it until its smell ends. Airflow should also encouraged in the room to exposure.

    5. Working on the edge of the MDF with screws may cause it to split. Besides to this,  mdf-panelare poor holders on screws and may strip from them.

It is difficult to repair split or chipped MDF unlike solid wood

melamine coated mdf suppliers

melamine coated mdf suppliers

    Synchronized melamine MDF manufactured from advanced technology.  it is usually pressed under high extremely pressure . with steel plates to create versatile collection with different styles. 

    textures Synchronize embossed melamine MDF can simply pasted  to any decorative paper.  and  add up to the embossed designs.

    melamine coated mdf suppliers-Yueshan’s textures synchronizes. embossed melamine mdf board at development stage. we have a varieties of  veneer core of unique colors of. Synchronized embossed melamine MDF. Yueshan wood industry co,. Ltd have over 70,000  cubic meter factroy.   main content melamine formaldehyde emission standards meets with requirement.  store fixtures have stock house.

    Besides, melamine mdf board suppliers Yueshan  wood industry  put more investment on.  panel products  Synchronized embossed melamine MDF to. create more innovation high gloss  embossed texture. and  melamine board colors . Find more  related searches and verified business and product fob price. pls contact us 

melamine suppliers    

      Melamine is an organic chemical compound. that can mixed with formaldehyde to produce a thermosetting plastic. The product called melamine resin. and used in the timber industry as a high pressure decorative laminate. It is extremely durable and have certain fire resistant properties. These properties make it a suitable choice for products such as laminate flooring. Formica, dry erase boards. and white oak board,  antique white melamine panels,  ed oak fiberboard mdf 

      china melamine particle board suppliers-Yeushan, we pride ourselves in supplying melamine boards. and the best quality products at competitive prices that benefits our clients. china mdf holder supplier yueshan have got  iso 9001 certificate for  melamine laminate  panel products 

       Allow us to assist you in choosing the right product for your application. quick quote  feel free to contact us.

melamine mdf

 melamine board FAQ:

black melamine coated mdf

      Black Melamine Particle Board combines a high-quality particle board. with a black melamine surface bonded to both sides.

      This Black Melamine Faced 2 Sided MDF has a slight texture effect to it giving more matt appearance. It is available in 6mm & 18mm 8 x 4 Size.

      4′ x 8′ Sheet of Black Melamine available in 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thickness. 

      Yueshan offer Black Melamine Plywood 4' x 8' sheets through our retail. or by the unit through our wholesale. 

3/4-inch melamine-coated mdf boards

      MDF valued for its defect-free composition and MDF valued for its defect-free composition. and uniform density that allow it to cut rout shape. and drill holding intricate detail with a minimum of waste and tool wear. Panel for panel it's hard to beat for material efficiency machining performance. and productivity.

      Use 3/4-inch melamine-coated mdf boards  as a quick and easy organization solution. The paper bonded to the board through the thermally-fused melamine process. providing a durable surface suitable for heavy-use applications. Install this panel in closets, pantries, laundry rooms and garages.

 mdf sheet price

    Our melamine mdf sheet prices are very competitive and our MDF boards come in a variety of sizes and colours. Not sure what you need? Not to worry, because we’re happy to help. As experienced melamine MDF board suppliers.  yueshan know our product and will be atell tell you on what will suit your needs best.

melamine board colors

      With so many melamine board colors  timber products . natural wood  solid color  wood grain finishes. and  textured panels designs available, our   melamine panel options available  anywhere.

      Get  the look you want with custom colors, textures. and woodgrains (or a combination of all three) available by special order.


      The commonly used color is  white melamine.  river rock.  oyster pine.  natural oak.  fusion maple.  sand pine.  dark teak.  hardrock maple.  custom layup.  natural maple.  walnut melamine.  wild cherry   


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