Melamine Wood Finish

Even a woodpecker could make a mistake! The Yueshan’s new wood-grain synchronous melamine wood finish are really realistic. At first you see - and at another even more so.
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Synchronous Melamine Wood Finish Information

Even a woodpecker could make a mistake! Yueshan’s new wood-grain synchronous Melamine resin wood finish is realistic. At first you see - and at another even more so. If you appear closer, you can observe how exactly the synchronous melamine cyanurate wood finish fits the printed wooden grain. 

This new authenticity may be the result of a new production process.

In terms of technical, that is referred to as “embossed in register”, but actually speaking, it’s a terrific way to make wood-grains look more natural than previously. The resulting impact is to produce new wood-grains with a harmonious and at exactly the same time striking an impression.

These realistic finishes synchronous Melamine matt polish wood is perfect for flooring and furniture. In the future, Yueshan will continue to discover the new authenticity in wooden grain decors. Upon this page, you'll find out more about the new Melamine polish styles and how it will help you as well as your best quality of products.

Synchronous Melamine Wood Finish FAQ:

What Is Melamine Wood Finish?

It is made by cutting or cutting a natural wood into a sheet having a thickness of 0.2-1 mm and is pasted on a substrate such as plywood, fiberboard or particleboard. This material has a clear texture and natural color and is a high-grade decorative material.

Is Melamine Wood Waterproof?

Of course, the waterproof board is better. Besides to the characteristics of the ecological board, it also has a certain waterproof and moisture-proof effect.

Is Melamine Wood Strong?

The surface of the melamine wood board is flat and can form a protective film. The furniture made of this kind of board has good wear resistance and scratch resistance without being painted.

Product name

Synchronous melamine wood finish board




3mm  - 25mm


1220*2440mm, as your request.


E2, E1, E0,MR



Moisture content

Below 8%

Surface finish

Melamine paper, UV coat


Solid colors, wood grain colors, fancy colors, stone colors


Furniture, decoration, counter, office table, ceiling, etc.


CARB, FSC, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001

melamine wood finish

melamine finish


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