Melamine Wood Colours

Yueshan synchronize melamine wood colours are created with decorative papers, treated with resins under warmth and pressure to be section of the panel itself.
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melamine colours wood panels Description


synchronize melamine wood  board

melamine colours available

white, black grey, green, orange. Pine,Birch,Okoume,Bintangor,Gurjan,PLB,Pencil Cedar,Mersawa And Etc.

wood colours

Eucalyptus and Combi. charred oak.lightly textured. textured orange. orange peel.low sheen.natural grain. grain texture. texture simulating. heen eggshell. eggshell surface. delicate low. 



sizing options

1220*2440mm(4*8 ), 2440 *1830. 1830 *1830. as your request







6mm-21mm  ±0.5mm


Below 12%







Inner with plastic bag, outside covered with plywood or cartons,
then steel tapes for strength

Supply ability



1X20GP container


melamine doors. Furniture, kitchen, cabinet, decoration. counter tops. 

case studies Market

USA, Europe, Korea, North Africa, Middle East, and Southern Asia

wood colours

wood colours types


A lightly textured orange peel surface with good scratch resistance.


A delicate, low sheen eggshell surface.


A natural grain texture simulating that of timber.

melamine board colours - door panels application

      Our Melamine Colour & Design selection is modern and compact. We have tailored our offer to a popular selection of products. that are commonly used across the market for manufacturing kitchen doors and joinery. built in wardrobes, residential furniture, commercial furniture and general fit-outs.\

      Melamine doors and panels. made from resin impregnated decorative paper bonded onto  particle board. or MDF substrate applied by heat and pressure. Melamine is know for it's properties like scratch resistance, durabilty and moisture resistance. The doors and panels can only have a flat surface face unlike Thermolaminated doors. which can routed on the face.

      Melamine doors edged with a matching  1mm standard or 2mm standard. . this protects the edge and prevent chips or cracked sometimes found on painted doors. 

       A  seductive variety of timeless neutral colours. and decorative finishes offered in the melamine doors & panels range. Choices include: Texture, Matt, Ashgrain, Finegrain and Sheen. The doors and panels are also designed to mix, match and contrast with colour range.

       Edging options for doors add another expressive detail. and enhanced durability to kitchen quality. Square edge doors or  standard edging. with a 1mm edge tape will resonate with designers and customers. who relish a clean lined aesthetic. The new  board colours edge door profile provides a sleek. minialist and handle-free design to. create a modern space with clean flowing lines good scratch scratch resistance .

melamine colours

 melamine wood colours baord supplier

        Yueshan synchronize melamine wood colours created with decorative papers. treated with resins under warmth. and pressure to be section of the panel itself. synchronized colors Melamine board created with up to 2 layers of decorative paper. below the ornamental surface supplying a deeper texture. and a more durable complete. 

        Consistency applying texture through a primary press (instead of release papers). coupled with a course B dry heat rating for distortion of color. Yueshan guarantees the standard of the synchronize melamine wood colours  long. after set up.  This advanced synchronize melamine wood colours technology. may be the result of a advanced research and advancement activities. and also commercial vision that focused on both information and technological changes.

      Synchronize melamine wood panels. could used on various locations like Kitchens, vanities, closets organizers. wall storage space systems, furniture and wall structure paneling. 

       Melamine Faced Chipboard is available in a variety of patterns, colours. and textures as well as thickness. Melamine Faced Chipboards is the more friendly. alternative to our more solid wood options. such as our Hardboard collection.

      Browse through our extensive selection, or contact us for advice. As experienced melamine board suppliers, we know our product and the industry.

Our Advantages

1. Top of Quality(With ISO and CE certificate) 

2. With competitive price and guarantee quality

3. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and years of export experience.

4. Our main markets are Southeast Asia, Mid East, North America, Australia, etc


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