Melamine Wall Board

Open up your house with the beautiful synchronized melamine wall board, using gorgeous honey tones fill your house with a traditional oak look.
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Melamine Wall Board 

Open up your house with the beautiful synchronized melamine resin

       Laminate/Melamine wall finishes can transform the look of your office design. Both melamine and laminate wall panels built. with durable particle board substrate that adds value. and style to your project. 

      Our laminate/melamine wall finishes are available in many styles from light. and airy to deep and textured. and are a sturdy alternative to other interior wall products. architectural wall systems can paired with whiteboards. and other modern office features to improve work performance. and worker happiness.

      Synchronized textured wallboard. using gorgeous texture board honey tones interior solution fill your house. with a traditional texture mdf oak look. Creating a natural wood grain feeling in your house has never been easier. using melamine mdf fantastic wood board colors melamine wall finishes. and mdf board realistic melamine wood look, you could have the luxurious

      Grain synchronize appearance of real synchronized mdf wood without the upkeep! synchronized melamine wallboard. the texture upon the surface of the narrow plank comes with the knot. and grain details to provide you a sensory treat.


       The mdf baord design. of the laminated mdf melamine synchronized coffee table wall Board. enables you a wide variety of rooms that mdf board will look perfect. create a good feeling of space in smaller rooms, like a little bedroom. slattwall panels、 interior wall could fitted in more creative Melamine laminated wall panels.

Melamine Faced Board Description:

1. Double sides same synchronized texture deep design, touches like natural.


2. Classic shades and new designs at all time;


3. Same style matched edge banding;


4. A new trend for interior decor or furniture


Melamine Synchronized texture Board


Solid color, wood-grain color, shining color, diamond color, flower painted


1220*2440 or as your request




About 650- 750 KGS/M3

Formaldehyde Grade


Base Material

MDF Board, Chipboard, Plywood


One Side or both sides Melamine paper


Kitchen cabinet, wardrobe door, decorative board


1x20 container

Delivery time

15--20 days after confirming the order


T/T, L/C

Edge banding

Matching 3D Edge Banding /Aluminum Edge Banding

melamine wall board advantages

High-impact patterns

      Great alternatives to paint and wallpaper, melamine wall panels . make it easy to create visual interest and update the look of your interior space. Whether you want to enhance your décor with a look inspired by nature. or are in the market for something a bit more unique, these panels produced. using the latest digital imaging techniques to. provide you with \detailed surface patterns and textures.

A touch of nature

      Looking to add a woodsy vintage look to your living room or office? An accent wall outfitted with melamine panels. that mimic authentic wood grain patterns will do the trick. Able to capture the warmth and rich beauty of natural woods from around the globe. this style of melamine is simple yet versatile.

      If the look of natural stone is more your taste. there are options available with hyper-realistic mineral vein patterns. Pillars or columns equipped with granite, marble. or quartz-looking melamine will add a classic sense of grandeur.. and sheen to areas like kitchens and foyers.

Something different

     Along with inspired panels, more avant-garde. melamine options are available that will compliment about any contemporary. or modernist design scheme. Creative and original patterns designed to emulate materials like leather. and linen offer a subtle elegance for a range of locations. including dining rooms and hotel lobbies. Unexpected patterns on your walls like these allow you to make a personal statement with your décor.

Style meets convenience

       Along with inspired designs, melamine wall panels. are a practical choice for both DIY homeowners. and professional designers alike. Thanks to their lightweight and easy to customize qualities. these panels can installed with no staining, painting. or sealing required. What’s more, these panels can cut to size with common wood working tools to fit into whatever space you need

Melamine Wall Board Supplier ---Why Us?

1. Established in 1999, after 20 years of development, we will be the leading producer in this industry.

2. Factory situated in Foshan, Guangdong, in China near to raw material with 7000 sq meters.

3. Greatest machine for synchronize texture board imported machine.

4. Best styles for synchronize texture board -The majority of are creative designs.

5. Best edge banding for synchronize texture board -one style one mold, colors and designs.

6. Client Oriented, Professional team, Solid R&D ability, Abroad exhibitions and visiting.

Chinese wood grain melamine

How to paint melamine wall board

Preparing for Perfection

      Proper preparation is the key to success. when repainting melamine. it's even more important than repainting porous materials such as wood. The reason -- laminates such as melamine are not porous, so a specialty primer needed for the paint to stick. Clean dirty melamine surfaces. such as cabinet doors with a household degreaser. allowing the melamine to dry completely. 

      Sand the melamine with fine-grit sandpaper. enough to scuff it up ; then wipe the dust away with a soft cloth. For items such as cabinets and furniture, remove the hardware, doors. or drawers for better primer and paint coverage. Use painter's tape to cover any areas you don't want to paint. then prime the melamine with a primer made for laminates and melamine. Many sealing and bonding primers work well on melamine; read the label to be sure. 

      An alcohol-based shellac primer cures more than similar water-based products. but emits strong fumes and is more difficult to clean up. Use a brush or roller to apply your chosen primer in a thin layer; then wait for it to dry as recommended on the label. The only time you don't need a primer with melamine is for an all-in-one paint/primer product. such as a spray paint designed for laminates.

Brush and Roll-on Paints

      Once the primer is completely dried and cured, as recommended on the primer label, it's time for paint. Pour a high-quality, all-purpose latex enamel paint into a paint tray. then brush or roll it onto the melamine in thin, smooth layers. 

      Opt for a semi-gloss paint for best results; even though enamels cure with a hard finish. the higher the gloss level of the paint, the more durable. and washable the finish, which is very important in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Allow the first paint coat to dry as recommended on the label before applying a second coat.

Spray Painting Melamine

      A spray paint provides a smooth, factory-like finish. especially when you're using an all-in-one bonding primer. and paint designed for laminates and melamine. As an added benefit, the drying and curing time reduced when using a spray paint. Do not prime the melamine first if using an all-in-one primer and paint, as it isn't necessary. 

        Set the melamine object atop newspaper, or surround it with newspaper if it is too difficult to move. Work in a well-ventilated area; if working indoors. open windows and wear a respirator or dust mask to avoid breathing in fumes. Tape off any areas you wish to protect from paint. 

      Shake the spray can; then hold it 6 to 8 inches from the melamine. starting your paint near the top of the object, painting in overlapping rows as you work your way down. Start each burst before the object, if possible. and end beyond it for the most even coverage. Use several thin coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry for at least a minute or as recommended on the paint can.

Curing Concerns

       While some spray paints needvery little curing time. before you can handle the melamine. many brush-on paints need days or even weeks before the melamine can handled. Avoid placing objects on the painted melamine as it dries -- this includes cabinet doors. Leave doors, hardware and drawers off all painted surfaces. until the paint cures for as long as the label recommends. Curing times vary from one brand to the next, but prepared to wait at least a week.

wood grain melamine

Laminate Wall Panels Customer Review

AUGUST 6, 2018


Heather Scott


        I am delighted with my wardrobes that YueShan and his team fitted. From the start I found YueShan to be professional. On his first attendance at my house, he bought all the different samples of wardrobe finishes for me to view. he gave suggestions to improve the storage capacity to my suggested internal layout. and he was able to show me other previous projects he had worked on. 

       YueShan later produced a good 2-dimensional diagram of the proposed wardrobe. and made some further small ammendations to the wardrobe design at my request. He kept me informed on the progress of the project throughout. When I had to delay the fitting day he was gracious and arranged an alternative date. On the day of the fitting YueShan and his team worked hard to fit and provide the

very precise finish I had requested. I was very satisfied with the finished wardrobe & the high-quality fittings. that used on the interior. I am already arranging for him to fit another cupboard at my house.


JANUARY 15, 2019


Yuvika Suvarna


        YueShan was competent and punctual. He did a great job and delivered everything that expected. We would definitely recommend him to friends and will not hesitate to use him again in the future.


JANUARY 4, 2019


Sam Starkin-Smith

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