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Yueshan introduces its total new feelwood synchronized texture melamine board, something selection that's sure to motivate you to get innovative with your projects.
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Synchronized Texture Board


melamine texture Introduction of Yueshan synchronized texture melamine wood


Yueshan introduces its total new feelwood synchronized texture melamine boards, something selection that's sure to motivate you to get innovative with your projects. Usually searching for the latest styles and passionate about style, Yueshan provides innovative feelwood synchronized texture melamine board that catches the essence of real beauty, soft organic fabrics, and genuine earthy melamine board texture.

Yueshan feelwood synchronized melamine board embosses technology may be the 1st synchronized texture technology in the melamine board in China. With complete precision, this technology aligns the ornamental paper with the surface texture, flawlessly replicating the characteristics of actual wood as it is situated in nature.

Our feelwood synchronized melamine board emboss technology is currently on both sides of our panels and the texture is applied with ideal symmetry. Synchronized texture technology may be the latest technical breakthrough, providing the best quality of melamine board - noticeable from all angles.


Synchronized board texture melamine panels superiority


Our new styles feelwood synchronized melamine board texture motivate a lavish mixture of nature and design, where colors and textures pay tribute to the genuine elements within the most spectacular organic settings. Carrying out a continuous evolution in our innovative colors and textures, this expansion of the collection features luxuriously practical and genuine styles, in warm, organic tones that bear a spectacular resemblance to real wood. A new method to immortalize and emphasize nature’s finest providing, whether it’s for a rustic or household furniture decor.


How to maintain the synchronized melamine texture boards


1.synchronized texture board sticks around the juice, paint stains may use acetone wipe, although easily clean the juice along with other stains, but additionally won't affect the good thing about the environmental board, simultaneously result in the synchronized texture board maintenance better.

2. If pencil marks remain around the synchronized texture board, the synchronized texture board factory uses methanol alcohol to wipe the pencil marks around the synchronized texture board, that won't harm the synchronized texture board, but additionally, result in the environmental board cleanup rapidly.

3. When the synchronized texture board is tied to a lot of it, lipstick, ink along with other dirt, it's recommended to make use of a tiny bit of alcohol to wash, after which make use of a gentle cleanser, and lastly, wipe with wet squeezed dry cloth could be clean.

4.synchronized texture board if there's tea, coffee, strong glue along with other dirt, you should use toluene solvent to wipe. Using toluene solvent to clean tea along with other dirt is extremely convenient, simple to cleanup rapidly, but additionally won't cause any effect on the synchronized texture board.

5. If there's strong label paper around the synchronized texture board, it's suggested to wipe them back having a towel, because the top of the synchronized texture board is melamine, although put on resistant, however, you make use of a hard scratch or damage.

6. For that dirt that can't be easily wiped off, you should use the cotton cloth that isn't simple to depilate and use the mix of white-colored electric water and oil to wash, after which make use of the cotton cloth to use a suitable quantity of water to wash, and immediately wipe dry after

melamine texture

board texture


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