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How to cutting 4×8 mdf sheets straight ?


 What is MDF cutting? 

       cut mdf  is a type of hardboard used for cabinetry and other indoor building projects. Available in 4- or five-by using-eight-foot sheets. and in a range of thicknesses from three/eight to one inch. it manufactured by means of  pressed together  timber fibers . suspended in a synthetic resin binder. Any device that  cutting mdf timber will reduce MDF  wood fibers. but the preference of slicing tool must take the. specific characteristics of  blade cuts into account.  laser cutting mdf or  curved cuts.  need  cutting tool like  table saw,  circular saw,  straight line cutting blade.  resin binder ,  laser beam 

       mediumdensity fiberboard.  is the timber, branches and different gadgets inside the water after soaking. and spoil, with timber fiber or different plant fiber as raw materials. making use of urea-formaldehyde resin or different applicable adhesive product of man-made board.  use mdf are doing furniture, medium density fiberboard (MDF) density in 0.4 ~ 0.Eight g/cubic centimeters.

      MDF has a higher particular gravity than  different types  timber. and the fibers are interwoven with each other without course. It's far smooth inside the moist state. After heating, MDF has greater plasticity. because of the softening of lignin and other additives that play a gluing role inside the fibers. and the softening of the fibers themselves. Thin  laser cut  engineered wood  (MDF) is a form of material appropriate for bending.

Ways to cut Mdf

cut mdf with utility knife


      Any  utility knife  will make rip cuts or crosscuts in  cut mdf. but the blade should be  carbide-tipped. because the high glue content of the material dulls steel  sharp blade. A higher number of  knife blade teeth on the blade reduces the likelihood of chipping, but at the same time. it increases the amount of  using pencil dust produced. A sheet of MDF is the same size as a sheet of plywood and can cut with a table saw. but the saw should have a vacuum removal system to prevent dust build-up from. interfering with the motor.  using utility  straight cut  hand saw or  table saw  is another  best way  making straight cut wood. 

curve sawing  curved cuts  mdf

      Curve saws used for cutting metals and nonferrous metals,  medium   density fiberboard . When cutting metal, chip handling capacity is stronger. Larger serrated, more efficient for  wood glue  cutting wood and other wood products. Carbon steel curve saw used for cutting all kinds of wood and non-metal. But  best saw for  fiberboard mdf  cutting, when buying curve  table saw . suggest its careful comparison buys again. Do not think that the curve saw is universal. according to the actual conditions of demand  cutting mdf  to choose.

 woodworking tips :

      Draw a  use  cut mdf  straight line on the board with a ruler, the base of the saw is close to the board. press down and control the progressive direction of the  hand tools  curve saw  home design . If the cutting line is completely parallel to one side of the plate. use the metal guide frame in the attachment to assist. 

       When  using mdf straight cut. one end of the  mediumdensity fiberboard  big head is close to the datum edge of the plate. and the other section inserted into the socket reserved on the base of the  fiberboard mdf  saw. The   blade cuts design of this guide rail is still more scientific, and there is a datum scale above.

     Insert  cut line  the response scale to the desired. width of the bar (to calculate the response position of the saw blade, i.e. the middle of the base. not the side of the base) and lock the guide rail with the two supplied hexagonal gongs. As long as you keep one side of the guide frame close to the edge of the board, you can cut straight. If you still need to finish the edge planing. please leave a few more  wood cutting  millimeters in the numerical scale.

      Curved saws can fitted with a variety of blades to accommodate. different types of  straight cut solid wood. such as plywood, particleboard. and  always cut  hard boards. Curve saws are especially suitable for cutting wood. It can used for straight or curved cutting.

Circular and circular cutting mdf 

      This one still needs that guide, and it needs to machined. Please use the function of friends in the guide guide head. at the end of drilling a hole, aperture 2-5mm optional (hole position from "0" scale 1 or 2CM. this integer is to be able to use the original size scale guide guide measurement). Then buckle it upside down on the plate. fix the center point with the circle to cut with a nail or wood screw smaller than the hole. adjust the radius size, if the starting cutting point is in the center of the plate. it is still necessary to use the drill bit to make a hole as the starting cutting point.

      Most models can cut bevels up to 45 degrees. When using, loosen the screw connecting the base and the saw body. first move the base to the right end. and then move the base to the desired Angle. The scale on the base can referred to. Please reset the base after use. Note: when using this function. the plastic cover to block sawdust cannot put down. so the sawdust cleaning function cannot used. And this function is only suitable for straight cutting. otherwise the saw blade may break.

      Circular saw is a single-phase series motor as the power. and then through the transmission mechanism drive circular saw blade sawing operation tool. with safe and reliable, high efficiency, used for cutting wood, MDF, block. and plate plate.

      Woodworking circular saw machine is the most simple. and used equipment in wood processing enterprises. Woodworking circular saw machine types are many. performance role is different, . according to the requirements of the processing process to. choose different circular saw machine. such as longitudinal material. and transverse broken material machine type difference is very big. two kinds of processing technology should not use the same type of circular saw.

      As with the curve saw, the actual cut made by the sharp edges up through the wood, so the neatest side will be below. Circular saws usually have variable cutting capabilities, adjustable speed. variable cutting indicator line, depth regulator. remote lower cover lifting lever, sawdust removal function and safety switch.

Mitre saw mdf cutting blade 

      Appropriate for all kinds of joinery. inclusive of reducing board skirting board, manual and lintel. Whilst a specific perspective is necessary.  it can do any slicing mdf, including reducing with attitude and name. A miter saw is a "constant" noticed, that means it does now not need to moved . 

      Thus, you have to be very cautious now not to put your hand in the technique of producing the reduce. To apply a miter noticed, make certain that the wooden to be reduce clamped. due to the fact even a small amount of movement can have an effect on the cutting and motive poor bonding. The sawing machine should used together with the sawing body or viable table to make certain. that the noticed blade seen at the same time as working.

Reciprocating saw  cutting tool 

      Reciprocating saws used for demolition work, no longer for machining paintings. That is due to the fact they're quality perfect for making quick and "difficult" cuts. They're not appropriate for any kind of unique cutting. As a result, they used to take out antique window frames or even to cut tree roots. Due to its shape, a reciprocating noticed can used to cut into positions. that other electricity equipment would now not be able to gain.

Polishing mdf cutting machine 

      mdf cutting machine used for wood floor grinding remedy of a manual electricity gear. The key to the operation of the polishing system is to try to get the largest polishing fee. on the way to do away with the harm because of sharpening as soon as possible. It's also essential to make sure. that the sprucing damage layer does not affect the very last determined tissue. that is, does now not cause fake tissue. 

      The former requires using coarse abrasive to ensure a higher sprucing charge to. drop the polished damage layer. but the polishing damage layer is likewise deeper. The latter calls for the usage of the greatest material. so that the sharpening damage layer is shallow, but the polishing fee is low. 

      When ground of floor of guide operation grinding device grind piece. and ground is nearby contact, grind piece force is uneven, so damage could be very brief. the intake of arenaceous disc grind piece could be very massive. 

     At the same time, because of using the angular grinder series motor, the weight capacity is bad. in grinding cannot bear the pressure in contact with the ground. ensuing in excessive modern, motor damage without problems.

how to cut mdf board

       Medium density fiberboard known in the construction industry as MDF. Medium density fiberboard is a man made substance. which is usually found as a material in cabinet making. You will also see medium density fiberboard used as shelves or in walls. The material is very tough and easy to machine.

      There is no grain to it as medium density fiberboard is a collection of recycled wood pressed. together then topped with a panel of melamine that laminated to it. Medium density fiberboard found in several sizes and thicknesses. The problem people have with medium density fiberboard is cutting it. Doing so will cause the laminate to chip. These methods will help you cut medium density fiberboard.

      Make sure you are using the laminate blade on the table saw. Measure the thickness of the medium density fiberboard and set the blade height to be ½ an inch higher. Before you attempt to cut the medium density fiberboard. you should always clean the surface of the table saw. Any debris can cause a bad cut or harm the laminate. Follow all the safety precautions of the table saw. and ensure the medium density fiberboard supported.

       Cutting the medium density fiberboard will create small particles. so make sure you are wearing eye protection. Turn the table saw on and feed the medium density fiberboard into the spinning blade. It is important to move , at the same speed, and in one fluid motion. Feed the medium density fiberboard until you finished cutting through it.

Stacked MDF.

      The table saw will give you an adequate cut but the router with a carbide flute bit. will cut the medium density fiberboard . When using the router to cut the medium density fiberboard. you should always cut it so that it's larger than you need. You'll then use the router to further trim the medium density fiberboard to the correct size. To ensure a straight line you'll want to use a router table or a jig.

      Medium density fiberboard can also cut to size with either of these two saws. If you choose to use one of these, the medium density fiberboard first has to scored. Put the medium density fiberboard on the work surface and clamp in place. Use a straight edge and a chalk line to create the cut line. Run the utility knife along the cut line. Continue doing this until you cut through the laminate area. Go and use minimal pressure so you can avoid scratching the laminate. Use a carbide blade with a TPI of at least 20. Cut the medium density fiberboard with the laminate showing and do so .

Is MDF dust dangerous? 

      Largest of the risks related to the dirt from cutting and operating with MDF. Due to the fact that fabric for personal use has been around handiest  dust particles. it’s a new product. Human beings using it need to observe some simple protection precautions. It’s important that each one the dust vacuumed up or eliminated. after the material is reduce, and people must by no means work with it without a face masks and goggles. The dust could be very first-rate and might find its way into crevices. causing troubles after the project  completed.

      The finished project will leak formaldehyde. so sealing is vital for the long term safety of the assignment. Wooden sealants and completing oils will reduce the problem. but are now not as effective in sealing the surface. Paint is a higher desire for sealing initiatives. Nails or screws need to used with warning so that the boards aren't break up, inflicting them to leak fumes. The massive amount of glue utilized in MDF will blunt tools speedy. so craftspeople need to make sure to sharpen gear among tasks.

      MDF is a superb desire for a wide range of tasks. It doesn’t warp like wooden planks can, but gives the power of using conventional woodwork joints. Used. and sealed, it has the capacity to be a safe fabric.

mdf cutting

yueshan vs wickes mdf cutting services

Compare to wickes mdf cutting services, Yueshan offer follow:

1. MDF wood board cut to size 

2. Agreement shelves cut to size

3. Applying 1mm or 2mm rigid edging

4. Cut MFC wood board to any size or form

5. Flat pack shelves furniture

6. Pre-drill and bore


mediumdensity fibreboard  cutting services supplier

      Yueshan engaged in the export of melamine medium density fiberboard, plywood. and MFC & MDF wood shelves board cutting service and flat packed furniture. 

      The factory covers an area of more than 120,000 square meters, has many the laminate production line. Our factory always insist on excellent products to meet the needs of. different customers with high standards. Products exported to the Chinese market, the EU, the United States, Southeast Asia. and other countries and regions with exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality. 


      We have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. and we serve customers. around the world and strive to build an renowned. brand of melamine board manufacturers.



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