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Cut to order MDF panel is ideal for all internal joinery shelves projects such as shelves, built in wardrobes, cupboards, paneling and linings and is ready for direct decoration.
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Tips On Cabinet Building: Shelves Board Cut To Order Mdf Panel And Edge


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      Whatever your requirements are, we can cut the timber down to width for you as an more service. to save you considerable time and effort as well as taking away the problem of dealing with excess waste. We cut to width hardwood and softwood to the specifications needed, or for a margin of security. we’ll leave it a little bit over. We have professional cutting equipment and trained staff. that means you don’t have to worry about the quality. and precision of the cutting.

      Solid wood floating shelves.Shelf with corbels cut to size- curved corbel design.

       Our solid wood shelves are a great addition to all homes. We offer all our shelves in a range of timbers and sizes. The live online calculator allows you to. make your shelf bespoke to your requirements. choose your wood, length, width and thickness.  you will then given an instant price that can added to your basket. Choose from a selection of edge details and add a one of our bespoke shelves to your home.

      As a company, we do not always cross-cut the timber down. when machining it, due to handling restrictions. time, cost and many other factors. But, on request, any of the timber we have in stock can cut to the exact width needed or even a little bit. over the required width, for a safe margin to play with.

      If this service requested, all we ask is that you inform us. before sale, so we can calculate an accurate cost for timber cross cutting. We’ll deliver the wood cut to exactly the right dimensions. leaving you with one less job to think about after receiving the order.

shelves cut to order MDF panel and edge


      Cut to order MDF panel is ideal for all internal joinery shelves projects such as shelves, built in wardrobes, cupboards, paneling and linings and is ready for direct decoration. Special cut to order MDF panel are also available which are more suited to areas where moisture is present (Moisture resistant MDF) or where there is a need to provide fire ratings (Fire Retardant MDF)

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       Solid wood features distinctive growth rings. that run all the way through the board and are visible on the cut end. Due to its higher cost (compared with other shelving materials). solid wood isn't the best choice if the shelves will  painted. It's a good idea to use solid wood only for shelves that will finished with stain. and placed in a room where looks and quality count.

       A second option is plywood. The end of a plywood board will exhibit several bands of wood. it's created for strength and can actually support more weight than solid wood. (It's also sold in wider widths, like the 4' x 8' sheets often used for shelving projects.) The disadvantage to using plywood is appearance. It's not attractive and usually requires two to three coats of paint to cover. its many imperfections.

      Plywood shelves are better used in a "low-visibility" area like the garage or basement. Plywood sheets finished with a thin veneer of oak, mahogany or maple can also found. Like standard plywood, the end of the board will reveal many bands of wood. but the surface features an attractive grain pattern.

      As with solid wood. but, the issue is expense: if you're planning to paint the shelves, it's better to use a more cheap material. Particleboard, yet another shelving option, has become more appealing in recent years. since it's now manufactured to have a smooth, even surface (free of large chunks). And, like plywood, it's available in large 4' x 8' sheets that are ideal for shelving. The drawback here? Particleboard won't have an attractive, finished appearance unless it's painted.

      Laminate, but, is a low-cost option that doesn't must the hassle of painting. Laminate is actually finished particleboard that boasts a smooth white surface. It's sold in the shelving section of most home-improvement centers (along with solid wood, plywood, etc.). and it's cheap.


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