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Yueshan supply shelves chipboard cutting service to Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers, Shop Designers, and Interior companies.
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Shelves Chipboard Cutting Service(Nice!!!)


chipboard suppliers - yueshan

    China chipbaord supplier - Yueshan supply shelves chipboard cutting service to Carpenters,Joiners, Cabinet Makers, Shop Designers. and Interior companies. We supply all related products  texture  chipboard sheets and color MDF. and we will definitely have something to fit your requirements. Our panels include individual labels displaying key details. including an element name of your choose. mainly supply to  united states ect.

      Founded in 1999,  chipboard manufacturers Yueshan is a well-known enterprise. specializing in the production of melamine board.  we have  iso 90012015,  iso 14001,   iso 9001 certificate. Our main products are melamine MDF, and plywood shelves chipboard cutting service. Products sold all over the world. The product quality has reached the European and American standards. and won a good reputation among customers. We also value the environment. Our aim is "quality, cheap and efficient".

     We are willing to meet the various requirements of our customers. with the highest quality products and the most complete  customer service , and innovate. and benefit each other.

       china mainland  melamine melamine particle   board manufacturers- yueshan  trading company . It have gained  iso 9000 certificate.  melamine chipboard  formaldehyde emission is  e1 e2 or  gluee0 e1. it is a  texture melamine  laminated particle  mdf board  factory wholesale to  shandong china. Pls  contact supplier -  chipboard manufacturer yueshan. inquiry  product categories,  fob price. we can offer  cheap particle  chipboard price. with high quality surface finishing   faced chipboard. Our hot sale is  16mm 18mm   low formaldehyde  interior decoration  structure boards. 

chipboard cutting service 

       Yueshan is a specialist supplier of board products. From melamine board to medium-density fibreboard (MDF). our products are ideal as raw material for your furniture, renovations, cladding. and more.

      Yueshan  trading co. are one-stop MDF, melamine board, and chipboard suppliers and wholesale distributor.  who pride ourselves on the close relationships we develop with our clients. provide  immediate shipment. We have  packaging equipment to meet your  packaging needs.

       further more as a leading cutting services chipboard suppliers. and laminating  many wood chipboard mdf plywood,

       yueshan providing excellent  sheets chipboard cutting for furniture components as well. We helping complete  packaging supplies your  chipboard pads project. in the easiest & most professional way workable. This is why we referred to as your  chipboard used  project partner!


2- board cutting service factory

chipboard cutting application -  Chipboard boxes 


Chipboard boxes are a popular type of inexpensive. and environmentally friendly packaging for consumer products as well as items shipped. Chipboard, or  paperboard products . made from pieces of recycled paper, sawdust, wood pulp. or chips that have compressed using pressure and heat. and  bending chip with a resin or  pasted chip chipboard sheets material.

      Chipboard boxes come in two basic colors: brown or white. but many companies add color, logos, text and brands to box surfaces that will sold in stores.  slip sheets chipboard boxes are usually covered in a waterproof finish to. provide the  plain chip  product with protection from outdoor elements. Besides the shipping and mailing industry. chipboard boxes used in the food processing,  quality paperboard,  paper products. and tool industries. 

      They are custom-made to hold different  chip board  corrugated boxes  products like nuts. and bolts, small machinery parts, soap, cereal, envelopes, computer paper, check refills. and many other products found on retail shelves. Very thin chipboard used as an inner protective layer for shipping. while the thicker boards form the outer  chip board  corrugated boxes component. They may be of single piece construction with flaps that close with tape. or they can consist of two different pieces.  a five-sided box and removable lid. These are most often used to hold large quantities of blank computer paper.

      The  chip board  corrugated boxes  manufacturing process for  standard sizes  fabricating chipboard from used paper. and wood waste to a box ready for the shelves. or shipping takes many steps. The raw materials that compose chipboard include used paper shreds, sawdust. and wood chips that are leftover from the fabrication process of other wood products. The materials put through a chipper to become fine, uniform granules. They are then dried until the moisture disappears from the raw wood product. Adhesive materials are then added into the mix. The pressing process is next. The wood material subjected to high temperatures and, under high amounts of pressure. pressed between two flat rams until the desired thickness has achieved. The heat melts the adhesive particles. which then creates a bond between the materials. 

      After cooling, several post-processing treatments are necessary. before the chipboard can formed into a box. The surface sanded until smooth and sometimes  clay coated with a waterproof finish. Then, the large sheets cut down into different  sheet sizes . Chipboard used as packaging for retail products need lamination of a. decorative layer of colored paper material. They are then ready for shipping. After they have shipped. the chipboard material folded and assembled into a box form  sheets pallet.

2- chipboard cutting service application


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