30mm Mdf Cut to Size

3-30mm panels shelf board cut to size is originate from basic roots and has evolved into a varied and intensely useful product range.
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shelf board cut to size


mdf shelves cut to size-custom cut mdf board

       3-30mm mdf shelves cut to size is originate from basic roots. mdf shelves cut to size has evolved into a varied and useful shelves product range. Yuehshan provide pre MDF panels cut to size is available. in a variety of sheet materials type, accuracy. and precision size, custom cut mdf board thickness and specification mean there are few requirements in furniture. interior & exterior design that our melamine MDFwood cannot fulfill. it an versatile product.

30mm mdf board 

      30mm Raw MDF Boards have a smooth surface and therefore can be painted to have a clean finish. As this material has no grain it can be cut, drilled or machined without damaging the surface. Raw MDF 30mm can be used instead of plywood or chipboard.Select the length the width you need, below are all the 30mm medium-density fibreboard 

shelf boards cut to size processing


Milling  mdf 30mm 

      Ultralight MDF offers greatest finishes with better molding. less work and tool wear, and greater speed. Use high-speed work tools with our mdf 30mm , such as routers and tungsten carbide cutters. When it’s necessary to drop a large amount of material. we recommend rough trimming first, then final milling. 

     Enter the external dimensions of your shelving unit here. Please note that a clearance of 2-3 cm must maintained between the top of the unit. and the ceiling for fitting purposes and a safety clearance at the sides is also required. If you have selected a full-length base and ceiling plate, the unit must assembled on its side. The maximum height of the unit can then calculated here. The safety clearance at the sides should be 1-2 cm each side.

      If you need a shelving unit with different depths, begin by planning the whole unit with a single depth. We will then calculate the price for you including the depth differences. send us the saved configuration together with your requirements for the different depths.

Shaping  mdf cutting 

      To Shaping  the edges of the board. use a shaping cutter with tungsten carbide blades, running on ball bearings. Use clamps to fasten the board to the work bench. Keep in mind the size of the molding plane. especially for cases where hinges will installed on the board itself. since deep mdf cutting can encroach on the shaping you make.

Deep Profiling  laminated mdf 

       To shape or make patterns on the furniture surface, Deep Profiling  laminated mdf use a template to copy the desired form on the face of the piece. Use a cutter with a ball bearing at the top or a copying device on your router.

Grooving  mdf shelves 

       To make a Grooving  mdf shelves —to put a glass window in a kitchen cabinet door. for example—you need to use a router with a deep cutting tool. Make sure to use a template. To add another material, such as glass, we recommend using a cutter mounted on ball bearings.

Stepped Shelving

For stepped shelving (i.e. a shelving unit with sections of different heights). specify the maximum height first. In the following step you can change the heights of the individual ‘steps’ or sections.

Many Wood Sections

Solid wood is available in lengths of 300 cm and MDF in lengths of 275 cm. Plywood is available in lengths of 250 cm. If the height or width of your shelving exceeds these dimensions. the boards (or the top and bottom plates or side panels) will have to formed from two joined pieces. Please discuss this with us so that we can agree on the best position for the join.


30mm mdf

What is  mdf cut to size used for?

-What is  mdf cut to size used for? shelf boards mdf cut to size Furniture industry like. all sorts of panel furniture, table furniture. Accustomed to producing various furniture components. for example, panel, side panel, back panel, office screen, wood flooring, etc.

-  mdf 30mm Building decoration industry like typical use include: aggrandizement wood floor. (normal or moisture-proof type medium density fiberboard), wall, ceiling, door. and door skin and form, and all sorts of indoor

- Audio equipment: Medium density fiberboard is homogeneous and fairbodied material. with a higher acoustic performance. It's appropriate to make seem box, TV covering and guitar.

- Other applications: MDF may also used in lots of places. for luggage frame, packaging, ceiling fan blade, heel, ect

mdf shelves colors

Coated MDF is a good alternative to solid wood. MDF is a composite wood material made of compressed softwood pieces. It is robust and yet low in cost. The surface coating is a melamine resin. Painted MDF comprises a high-quality painted surface . combined with the excellent properties of MDF board. We can supply the painted surface in up to 200 different RAL colours.

-Oak is a very strong, robust timber. Its brownish-yellow colouring radiates a pleasant warmth.

-Beech has a light-yellow to pinkish-brown colouring. Like most woods, beech turns dark after prolonged exposure to light. Beech is a strong and particularly elastic timber. that is very well-suited to furniture making.

-Pine is a light coniferous wood that is lightweight and very soft. The colour of pine is white to reddish white.

-Alder has a fine, uniform structure and is a good timber to work with. It is medium in weight and has a reddish colour.

-Heartwood beech has a very attractive, vivid grain. In heartwood beech, only the heart of the beech log used.

-Ash has a vivid grain and is diverse. It is a heavy, strong timber and can thus worked in more complex ways.

-Fumed oak is oak treated to give an altered colour. In the fuming process it exposed to ammonia gas, which gives it a dark-brown colour. This makes it a good alternative to walnut.

-Cherry is reddish-brown in colour and has a uniform structure, which makes it very popular.

-Walnut is a precious wood, and this makes it more expensive than other timbers. Thanks to its dark, attractive grain and its high durability. walnut favoured as a material for furniture.

-Maple is a robust timber with a very uniform structure. Although it grows darker over time, maple is one of the lightest type

shelving materail

       Solid wood features distinctive growth rings that run all the way through the board. and are visible on the cut end. Due to its higher cost (compared with other shelving materials). solid wood isn't the best choice if the shelves will painted. It's a good idea to use solid wood only for shelves. that will finished with stain and placed in a room where looks and quality count.

       A second option is plywood. The end of a plywood board will exhibit several bands of wood. it's created for strength and can actually support more weight than solid wood. (It's also sold in wider widths, like the 4' x 8' sheets often used for shelving projects.) 

      The disadvantage to using plywood is appearance. It's not attractive and usually requires two to three coats of paint to cover. its many imperfections. Plywood shelves are better used in a "low-visibility" area like the garage or basement. Plywood sheets finished with a thin veneer of oak, mahogany or maple can also found. Like standard plywood, the end of the board will reveal many bands of wood. but the surface features an attractive grain pattern.

      As with solid wood, but, the issue is expense. if you're planning to paint the shelves, it's better to use a more cheap material. Particleboard, yet another shelving option, has become more appealing in recent years. since it's now manufactured to have a smooth, even surface (free of large chunks). And, like plywood, it's available in large 4' x 8' sheets that are ideal for shelving. The drawback here? Particleboard won't have an attractive, finished appearance unless it's painted.

       Laminate, but, is a low-cost option that doesn't need the hassle of painting. Laminate is actually finished particleboard that boasts a smooth white surface. It's sold in the shelving section of most home-improvement centers. (along with solid wood, plywood, etc.), and it's cheap.

mdf 30mm

 pre cut mdf boards manufacturer

       where can i buy mdf cut to size? in yueshan. We provide an excellent  30mm mdf cut to size veneered MDF panels. cut to size using modern planning & optimizing software. "Condition of the Artwork" Beam Noticed cutting. and if  pre cut mdf required quality PVC/acrylic edge banding. and precision shelves furniture component. high quality precision cutting and effective dirt removal. 

         Yueshan  mdf shelves cut to sizecan provide the cut and edged panels. you'll need without manual handling and digesting issues. associated with cutting melamine board.

       Besides, we also provide custom dimensions  30mm mdf board  services. like  30mm mdf  Medium Density Fibreboards cut. we also can provide melamine faced chipboard cut, plywood faced board cut.

      The professional’s source for quality custom floating shelves. Free shipping, made in the China to any size. 12 kinds of wood. 10 working day production lead time. Furniture quality finish is low sheen clear catalyzed lacquer. Installation hardware included. All floating shelves made to order. (smallest size is 3″ X 9″, greatest is 16″X 93″) All shelves are 1-3/4” thick.

      Our floating shelf design combines beauty and strength. when installed will support heavy stacks of dishes or books with no visible bracket. 

shelf board cut to size FAQ

white shelf board cut to size

      white shelf board cut to size is the  common use color of melamine, shelving board. Melamine White Shelf Board (Common: 3/4 in. x 15-3/4 in. x 8 ft.; Actual: 0.75 in. x 15.75 in. x 97 in.) Shelving is a quick, easy, and affordable way to get organized. Melamine shelving is perfect or utility purposes, while decorative melamine adds the same functionality with the look that complements your decor...

      white shelf board cut to size is  low-cost.  shelf boards made of chipboard with melamine coating in the finishes white, oak. or truffle. Combine your cut to size shelf boards with the shelf supports of your choice. to create the perfect wall shelf for your office, shop or home.

wood shelf board cut to size

     Made to measure wall shelves offer a cost effective. and bespoke solution to your storage needs. Yueshan make and stock wood shelves made from MDF (medium density fiberboard). and featuring a durable melamine laminate. Edges finished with either a 3mm or standard edge band depending on your preference. The standard edge banding is attractive and preferred for areas. where shelves will used in a tight or restrictive space. For instance if adding shelves to a slatwall H-unit, a standard edge band allows the width

      Create your cut to size shelf board in 3 easy steps:

Measure the space for the shelf board exactly.

Enter the shelf length you want in the relevant input field and order what you need online.

Your new cut to size shelf boards will delivered to your door. 


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