Oak Panels Cut to Size

oak furniture board is a kind of melamine furniture board used for office furniture or other interior projects. This types of office furniture we can obtain from the panels with 4x8 sizes and in a variety of thicknesses.
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How Yueshan Cut oak furniture board To Size

oak panels cut to size

      If you will be planing the oak, allow for 6mm on your selected thickness and width to achieve an even finish.

      Our Cut to Size Oak is available online in thicknesses of. 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm in both Prime and Light Character grades. and also 30mm in Prime grade. The oak is thicker when it's put into the kilns. and then shrinks as it dries to the listed sizes. so the thickness received may be slightly larger in some places. as timber doesn't always shrink uniformly.

       Widths are available between 6 and 30mm, in lengths between 1220 and 2440 metres. Widths are usually provided exactly as ordered. but because this is not a finished product. allow for a slight variance of a few millimetres.

oak furniture board   supplier  - Yueshan

       Oak has a unique wood grain, heartwood corrosion resistance, high density, hard texture. and is a hardwood. Household items made of oak have the advantages of dignified, calm. and noble mahogany furniture. But the price is much lower than that of mahogany. Due to the many advantages of oak. the material is widely used in the production of beer barrels, wine barrels. bathroom barrels, floors. outdoor wooden bridges and so on. It is the ideal material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak can  divided into white oak and red oak according to color. China's production is extremely rare. and it is generally imported into the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.

     Yueshan oak furniture board Edge glued with staves from 40mm – 90mm wide and run the full length of the panel. Even colour, occasional small live knots on the A Face allowed. no sapwood, no pith, no distressed or broken knots. The B face is of a  lower quality.

     The length and the width may vary , the sizes below will be the minimum sizes that you will get.We offer a full cutting and edging service on all  our sheet material. If you would like your sheets cut to size, do one of the following options:

     Our Leader 18mm Solid European Oak Furniture Board is the ideal product for creating. and constructing DIY furniture items. Use it as a carcass, or surface, cut it, shape it and finish it. The possibilities are endless with our solid oak furniture board. You can create furniture such as table tops, worktops, upstands and more!

     Supplied in three widths, each board is consistent in looks. and will suit many applications. The timber  left unfinished, so that you can choose your own style to suit your decor and taste. Suitable for painting, staining or varnishing.

oak board information 


Length: 1220 (4') & 2440mm (8')

Width: Three Widths Available

Thickness: 18mm

Certifications FSC® Certified
Typeappearance boards. european oak. white furniture. maple furniture
Color red oak, white
Servicesfree samples free delivery
price rangeup to 1 USD
minimum order1*20 GP

 oak wood furniture Features

-Solid Oak furniture board, ideal for furniture and cabinet making.

-lumber composites  glued together solid pieces of oak.

-Whole stave board. This means full length (non-finger jointed) pieces  used to form the board.

-These are a high grade board  classed as A/B. Check when comparing products as there are lesser grades i.e. B/C. 

This is bare timber, that will need to be  treated.

-These Oak furniture boards are  wrapped to keep them clean for easy working and prep. 

-Choice of thicknesses and sizes  selected from the drop down menu above.

-The 20mm thick sizes of this Oak furniture board in the menu are end of line sizes. They have  priced  cheaper, but are the same quality as all the other sizes.


oak furniture panels

oak panels cut to size Method

      Melamine oak office furniture panels are a kind of melamine furniture board. used for office furniture or other interior projects. There are primary colors for us to choose, like dark brown color oak、white creamy color 、and orange color oak. 

     This type of sheet material we can get from the solid wood with 4x8 sizes and in a variety of thicknesses. This popular hardwood sheets produced by pressing with each other wooden fibers. suspended in a synthetic resin binder. Any tool that slashes wooden can cut melamine board, but, the selection of cutting tool. should take this characteristic of melamine furniture board into consideration.

 Straight Cuts

      Any round saw or handheld cutting tool can make rip slashes. or crosscuts in melamine office furniture commercial board. but, the blade should be carbide-tipped. because the high glue content of the materials dulls metal blades . 

     An increased number of a tooth on the blade reduces the probability of chipping. but at the same time, it raises the quantity of dirt produced. A sheet of melamine office furniture board can    Straight Cuts  with a desk saw. but, the saw must have a vacuum pressure removal system. to avoid timber wood dirt build-up from interfering with the engine.

Curved Cuts

     A jigsaw slashes melamine office furniture panels as  as it slashes plywood. although you have to keep in mind that the greater the teeth the blade has. the less chance there is  of chipping the materials around the edges of the cut. Hence a steel-cutting blade, while  Curved Cuts  more , could keep the sides intact in a delicate cut. 

      You can even cut curves in a melamine office furniture board . with a handheld multipurpose. or rotary tool fitted with a multi-purpose cutting blade. That is a great option for cutting notches in already. assembled melamine office furniture panels. whenever a plunge cut is essential.


      A drill fitted with a normal drill holes little bit. or a spade little bit can make holes up to at least one 1 1/2 ins in diameter in melamine office furniture panels as.  it'll in plywood, and it'll make holes up to 4 in. with an opening saw. To create bigger holes. or holes that are not round, drill the corners of the summarize of the gap with a drill little bit.  and cut across the describe with a jigsaw. 

     An alternative solution is by using a handheld multipurpose. or rotary tool and a multi-purpose cutting blade. plunging the blade into the format and guiding the tool around it.

CNC Routing

     Any blade that can  CNC Routing  wood will rout the melamine office furniture board. but carbide-tipped blades will boring less  than metal ones. melamine office furniture panels produce copious levels of dirt while routing.  and the issues this creates can  reduced . by utilizing a handheld the multipurpose tool with a routing item.

     It is smaller when compared to a standard router. which makes it easier to manage and also to keep the visible connection with your projects. When routing, always move the tool against the path of the blade rotation, or it can spin. and ruin the edge which you will work.


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