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Mfc office Furniture Panels Cut To Size (Easy Melamine Project)

what is mfc board


     What is mfc board? mfc office furniture is wooden. or other non-wood vegetation processed into shavings or broken substances, using adhesives. and other additives warm pressure from the plate. Consistent with the plate shape divided into unmarried-layer, 3-layer, sluggish structure particleboard. it is also known as particle board, bagasse board.

    MFC stands for melamine faced chipboard. and the vast majority of office furniture manufactured with this material. There are many thicknesses used, but the industry standard is 25mm thick. Some budget ranges are 18mm thick.

    MFC is either a picture (a photograph) of a real wood grain, which printed onto a Melamine film. and heat processed onto a sheet of chipboard. The quality of that chipboard depends on the density of the board. Many domestic furniture uses low density board, which is light. Most commercial grade furniture made of a dense board as it stops flexing. and bending.The finished board is then cut to shape and size. edged with a banding machine to protect the edges. These panels can then used to make furniture used in desks. workstations, cupboards and pedestals.

    The colours available vary from factory to factory. There are some common finishes that used, and whilst they all tend to be the same grain pattern. they can vary from source in shade and grain pattern. MFC is available in a large number of plain colours as well, and special finishes too. 

MFC application 


    MFC is for Melamine Faced Chipboard and used in 1 of our kitchen door styles which is the Innova Cento.

     MFC has come a long way since the cheap flat pack furniture from the 80s. and is now a lot more resilient and hardwearing. Today’s MFC can used to create very modern looking kitchens with its printed wood grain on a melamine film. that forms the face and edges of the chipboard.

    Cento door, which uses MFC to create its stylish look, also uses durable 2mm ABS edging. meaning that it is both fashionable and hard wearing.

     The German kitchen marketing renowned for producing excellent quality kitchens. and you may surprised to know that over 90% of German kitchens use MFC for the kitchen base units. as well as the kitchen doors.

     MFC can over time start to lose its colour and MFC is a lot lighter than MDF. Unless we are making doors from natural timbers such as Oak & Ash then we prefer to use a nice solid MDF door.

melamine boards cut to size - mfc panels

     melamine MFC panels made of board that. pressed  sheet material together then covered in veneer that is black. or white in colour. Melamine boards  size panels  that cut to size tend to be important to many home owners. who want to get some extra storage shelves should they need them for display. The final product usually looks very professional and classy. 

     As such,  white melamine  medium density fibreboard. preferred by shop owners who want to make the shelves more attractive. The only problem these shop owners face is that. they are unable to cut melamine into particular sizes as it starts to chip and crack. As such, you will need to take extra care of the material if you intend to cut  melamine sheets. but do not worry, it is  cost effective 

    You may want to replace your standard blade that is circular and instead use a melamine saw blade. These kinds of blades have teeth that. made especially for cutting melamine to cut the veneer chipping when you cut through it. like  melamine shelves . Melamine faced chipboard requires a lot of skill and care. 

     You will need to measure the panel that intended for cutting, and then you can put a mark on it. You will need to repeat the process on both sides of the melamine because the cut will go on both sides of the piece. The next thing you will need to do set the blade to three quarters the depth of your melamine panel. Then  edge banding. chipboard cut size have  18 mm ,  16 mm,  25 mm. Besides  melamine faced chipboard  sheets cut, we can also cut  veneered mdf. or  birch plywood. 

mfc panels

 mfc board suppliers - supply  best of mfc 

      Yueshan is one of china’s leading professional office furniture makers. MFC panels cut to size board suppliers. We use latest CNC routers . with the advanced built in computer program to make sure that. your tailor-made office furniture board cut. edged banding and drilled exactly to size. Our custom furniture factories . can supply MFC office furniture panels board for medium apartment projects. as well as large scale national office projects.

      At yueshan, you shouldn’t limited to stock. standard melamine board cut to size mfc office furniture. We can provide you with MFC office furniture panels cut to size and shape. according to the space you’re working with. What's more. we produce 18mm MFC office furniture panels cut to size used for panelling. doors, storage, office desk and much more. We can cut as little as one sheet, or up to 1000 sheets or more for your custom office furniture project. The best part is that we produce all the melamine board by ourselves.

      We offer a wide collection of. melamine office furniture board materials to give you choose. all which we can cut. edge and drill for your exact needs, such as melamine MDF board, melamine plywood board and UV board. Whatever combination of brand, veneer paper and colour you desire. we have the suitable materials. You can look online for the products available or head into one of our showrooms to pick up a sample.

mfc board suppliers


Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) is Plain Particleboard laminated with impregnated melamine fortified papers. The board used for interior decoration applications for home. kitchen as well as office furniture. Our collection features a wide range of colourway. which are ideal for bedroom, living room, shelving partitioning, cabinet system. and office furniture. The developed MFC range by Max World comes with collection made up of aggressive, wild, bold. and exotic colours and designs. Our intrend collections have received a great response from all generation.

MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard. which used in quite a few of our kitchen door styles such as the Innova Livorna, Altino & Luca ranges.

MDF is an engineered wood and invented in the 1960s. and made from the fibres of other kinds of woods and bound together using heat. The MDF boards are very hard wearing and resilient to warping. and swelling, making them ideal for kitchen doors.

MDF also paints very well, as you will see from our Innova Luca gloss range of kitchen doors. with their nice smooth finishes.


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