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Please give all specification in millimeters. Your custom melamine office furniture board cutting service can only be complete if you provide us with the specification you need.
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how to cut melamine board

how to cut melamine board

       melamine board  office furniture board  saw blade cutting. and  circular saw edge banding service of plywood, MDF, chipboard. Please give all specification in  cut melamine millimeters. Your custom melamine office furniture board cutting  board furniture  service. can only be complete. if you provide us with the  clean cut line specifications you need. The goods of custom melamine office furniture board. cutting service goods  screw covers exempted from . any right of return or order cancellation. Besides, we also offer drilling  mdf plywood service and personal delivery service

      Before you start cutting melamine board it is imperative that you know where you are going to be cutting. Use a straight edge, pencil, and a measuring tape to mark your cut. Unlike other materials, you want to continue the line down both edges of the board. Adding the line along the edge will help you keep the board lined up with the blade.

      the most important component to making a good cut in the melamine board is using a prepared table saw.

       First of all, make sure you’re using the right tool. To cut melamine or laminate board. your saw needs to equipped with a double-sided laminate. melamine blade, carbidetipped blade. These tooth blade designed to tooth count cut while minimizing chipping.

       Have your table saw in its best condition possible before you go to make your cuts. You should get your table saw tuned up anyway, to keep it in tip-top shape. but if you’re planning on a project using melamine, ensure that a tune-up masking tape has done not long before.

      If possible, expert advice use a zero-clearance throat plate on your machine.

      Another way to minimize chipping and splintering is to. make sure you feed your material through the saw as as possible. To do this, make sure you have ample support for the board and the saw. Check that your saw is as stable and level as possible before proceeding to cut. In the event that your melamine is a very long piece, place another table behind. or beside the saw to give the excess a place to rest as you cut.

      On most amateur table saws, there can be an issue with drag as you’re cutting. and this can be one of the biggest problems when trying to produce a smooth cut with melamine. Rub the surface of your table with wax paper or use a top coat to reduce friction for a smoother feed.

       The vibration and torque generated by a table saw is enough to rip apart melamine board. as well as particleboard. to prevent these materials from becoming damaged you need to. decrease the vibration that exerted on the board. Something as simple as two-inch wide painters tape will work.

      After you've measured the board and drawn a cut line you will place the tape along that line. Make sure the tape is even and centered with the line meaning that one inch of painters tape should be on each side. Place the tape on the side of the board you wish to have facing out and smooth it out as you press it down. When you cut the melamine board you will do so on the reverse side.

      melamine laminate board is often thin and flimsy and trying to use a table or hand saw to cut it will wind up damaging the board. Particleboard is often used for furniture and as a base for a melamine board veneer. To cut the board without damaging it, affix it to particle board of the same size. Use clamps around the sides to secure it in place and then cut the board.

How we do the melamine board cutting 

      Tell us your  cut line  Width and  cut depth size online. and we can offer melamine office furniture cutting service  great material. Once you have selected your finish  straight edge sizes. you will also have the option to select the color edged with matching pre-glue. Our design team will analyse the information. and use the CNC equipment saw blade manufacturing the cutting .


melamine cutting service Application

      The range of melamine board offers a multitude of inspiring contemporary. and traditional decors, except an application for the office. It also can used in many applications including furniture, shopfitting, kitchens, bedrooms, hotels. and so many more.  the only restraint is your imagination!

      melamine cutting service widely used. now  further to solid timber fixtures products. different kinds of excessive-grade board furnishings will have melamine board. Within the set up of melamine ornamental panels. have to pay attention to the colour of each roll. to avoid specific colorations and affect the beauty of the home.

      if the fixtures paper has turn out to  warped edge of the state of affairs. so that you can use special wallpaper glue, wipe it within the roll aspect. after the reoccupy scraping board scraping strain is good enough.If there is a blister. use a syringe to inject the glue, then  press down, after which wipe off the extra glue. Daily cleansing is also vital. Use a feather duster or a vacuum cleanser to put off dust. 

Melamine custom cutting service supplier- YUESHAN

       YUESHAN have our cutting facilities like  saw blade milling machine. and  circular saw  drilling machine. our fabrication  table saw  process reaches the international standard. our experienced team capable of using the latest technology efficient machinery high accuracy. and high quality edge banding service. 

      Quality, services, improvements are a priority inside our work. make reassuring products for customers. build-up well -known brands in China's is our beliefs. Inside our  board furniture  behavior, we ought to be generous, genuine, earnest. and polite, detail by detail to grow, that is also our dedication to a harmonious society

melamine cutting service

melamine board  furniture  selection

       Everyday qualified melamine board is non-poisonous, isn't harmful to human health. And a few unlawful groups, using inferior substances made from melamine board. its poisonous substances usually exceed the same old. and its environmental safety isn't guaranteed. So, people inside the choice of melamine board. ought to pay interest to differentiate the excessive. and coffee best, so as no longer to shop for inferior melamine board.

1, may  observed at the  melamine board. surface of the melamine board whether there are stains, voids and other defects. its floor shade is uniform, whether there's no blistering, to decide the fine of melamine board.

2, have a look at the first-rate of the particle board  bottom fabric to . decide the first-class of melamine board. Melamine board composed of base material and surface cloth. so the health and environmental safety of the base fabric to a large extent impacts the health. and environmental safety. of  mdf plywood melamine board. The bottom cloth with super fine,  particle board thickness is even, the feel is awesome. the periphery is smooth, the surface has no empty drum.


how to cut melamine FAQ

how to cut melamine without chipping

-First, choose your cutline, and score both sides with a utility knife.

-Second, set your table saw or circular saw blade to cut about 1/4" into one surface of the melamine. Here, you're not really cutting the piece to length as much as you are creating a clean edge in one face. Most chips occur when the teeth. that are not actually removing material come in contact with the surface. By cutting one side at a time, you prevent most tear out.


-Turn the saw off, and back the piece back behind the blade. Or, if using a circular saw, set the saw in the same position. Raise the cut depth of the blade so that the gullets are 1". above the top surface (a lot higher than you'd normally set the blade for safe cuts). and then cut the top side. Since the blade is much higher, you'll want to be extra careful with kickback. Here's where the crosscut sled really comes in handy. 

-Complete the cut

how to cut melamine with a hand saw

-Place  swath of painter's tape on the countertop in the approximate location. where you plan to make the cut. The painter's tape will keep the laminate from splintering. and will peel off without damage to the countertop.

-Measure the countertop from the closest edge where you'll make the cut using a tape measure. Measure at the top, bottom and middle of the edge along the countertop and place a pencil mark in each location. Draw the marks on top of the painter's tape.

-Connect the marks using a straightedge so that the cut line is straight and square.

-Saw the counter along the cut line with the handsaw. Hold the end of the blade that is by the handle of the saw on the edge of the countertop. Pull the full length of the saw toward your body in one smooth motion. This will provide a clean starting cut to start sawing. As you cut along the line you drew, use smooth back and forth motions with the saw.

-Remove the painter's tape once you have completely sawed. through to the opposite end of the countertop from where you started.

how to cut melamine with a jigsaw

-Jigsaws have a built-in bevel gearbox, the motor drives the vertical blade at high speed.

Lightweight, maneuverable, and safe to use, the jigsaw is one of the most popular cutting tools in DIY. 

-Choose the right tooth count for the cuts you make. Blades with aggressive 6-tooth-per-inch (tpi) designs work great for sawing construction lumber. but cut too for woodworking project parts. Instead, select a 10- to 12-tpi blade for larger, gradual curves. or a 20-tpi blade for tight curves (1" radius or less) in solid wood. and all cuts in plywood or melamine-coated particleboard.

-Beyond tooth count, also consider the blade design. For decades, jigsaw-blade teeth were "set," alternately leaning left and right. as shown in chart. This makes them cut coolly and quickly, but at the expense of cut quality.

-To remedy this, several manufacturers now make blades with ground. inline teeth, as shown chart. that slice the wood like a surgical scalpel rather than bluntly tear at it. This produces much cleaner cuts. For this reason, in the WOOD® magazine shop. we use Bosch Clean-For-Wood and Xtra-Clean-For-Wood blades. Just be aware that these blades can burn your wood. if you set the jigsaw's speed too fast or feed the saw through the wood too slowly. Our best advice: Practice on scrap of the same species to find the best combination of speed and feed rate.

-Finally, remember that jigsaw blades cost a fraction of the material you're cutting. So know when to call it quits on a blade. If a blade begins to burn the wood or tear out surface fibers. where it didn't used to, or if it requires greater effort to push through a cut, chuck it and get a new one.


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