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You can choose the shelves cut to size service according to your selected materials. We used the wood grain melamine office furniture board as an example.
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 Melamine Furniture Board Cut To Size


melamine shelves cut to size process

      We have the best way to  cut laminate melamine boards service . according to your selected materials. We used the wood grain melamine office furniture board as an example. Online cutting  melaminecoated particleboard  to size service gives you. to cut any allowed size panel different types of products you need. How the process of the  melamine veneer.  wood grain melamine office board cutting to size service as follows:

StepCutting 1:  

      how to cut melamine board? first. Choose your  laminate melamine. high-quality melamine wood panel  home office  great material  

     melamine sheets panels can added for good  hand saw Cut To Size. Once your high standard of quality materials are select. then choose Cut To Size and choose thickness required. choose  melamine laminated Cut To Size. 

      We will choose  hand tools panel sizes within available stock to. optimize trimming patterns with minimal waste. Trimming Patterns  shown for your convenience by the end of the task. Before panels put into Cut To Size  laminated mdf.  you can view  melamine shelving available  one edge music group methods.

Step Cutting  2: 

      In the end, the required laminate board PUT INTO Cut List click continues. directed to the insight page. In the event that you must extra  black melamine  materials. it isn't a problem  go to choose range. select materials group and discover more boards you need following Step one 1 guide. All chosen boards are for sale to selection when you begin Cut To Size List.

Step Cutting 3: 

       Enter a task name, once Task Name defined as the select veneer in the Materials field. enter the  melamine shelves  length. We will show the utmost size available, predicated on your duration. we will show the greatest  melamine shelving  available width for your chosen material. Enter the quantity and the short explanation of your part. The part explanation will  imprinted on Labels for your reference.

Step Cutting 4:

       Choose  products melamine the Edging Software method. select the edges of the melamine sheets board. Suggested edging is the exact match to your materials. You are able to choose any edging color to stick out assembling your project. The image for edging shown, nonetheless, they might not be 100% accurate.

Step Cutting 5: 

       Rounding radius. All edging materials have a pre-set radius. click here to discover more about the edging radius and how it operates.

Step Cutting 6:  

       Add  moisture resistant  Edge banding. Choose how you want to put edging on your part. Picture of board design and size of your part proven to be sure you can see your part and if panels have  wide range. decor paper  grain here you can examine if your sizes have been  keyed in. 

Step Cutting 7:  

         Add Hinges. You are able to choose a hinge drilling option and you may choose Hinge Placements (size or width smart). Choose No of hinges  walnut melamine  required. Change from the top and bottom level of the door  wood products  to meet your requirements. 

white melamine shelves cut to size

        Melamine boards cut to size are important to many home owners. who want to get some extra storage shelves should they need them for display. Melamine made of board that pressed together then covered in veneer that is black or white in colour. 

      The final product usually looks very professional and classy. As such, they preferred by shop owners who want to make the shelves more attractive. The only problem these shop owners face is. that they are unable to cut melamine into particular sizes as it starts to chip and crack. As such, you will need to take extra care of the material if you intend to cut it.

      You may want to replace your standard blade that is circular and instead use a melamine saw blade. These kinds of blades have teeth that made especially for cutting melamine. to cut the veneer chipping when you cut through it. Melamine faced chipboard requires a lot of skill and care. 

      You will need to measure the panel that intended for cutting, and then you can put a mark on it. You will need to repeat the process on both sides of the melamine because the cut will go on both sides of the piece. The next thing you will need to do set the blade to three quarters the depth of your melamine panel.

       If you want shelves cut to size then you will cut both sides of the melamine marks that you had before made. Shelves that cut to size will make your house look beautiful. and attractive to everyone that walks in. you may need these melamine shelves to make your house pretty. or you could need a place to place your telephone or display nice lovely shelves. 

      This material will make a good storage area for your books in case you are shopping for a bookshelf. It is important that you get the right shelves and in the correct sizes.

melamine shelf product details

Namecustom shelves/ cut to size shelf boards
Edgefront edge. one edge
Colorwhite melamine. maple melamine. grey melamine.almond finish  . white shelf. shelving white
melamine board size10 24. 14 24. 14 36. 12 48.12 24
other Applicationcustom closet storage,closet system. shelf bracket.big box

melamine board size

      The common size of melamine shelves cut to size is 2400 x 1200mm. But also have 3600 x 1200mm, 2400 x 1800mm, 3600 x 1800mm.


melamine boards cut to size manufacturer

      Yueshan decoration industry co., LTD as a market leader is a professional melamine Engineered wood board manufacturer. Is currently known melamine boards ten famous brands. is the national high praise rate of melamine boards manufacturers. mainly operating melamine boards, melamine boards wholesale. is your choice of melamine boards ideal enterprise.


       wood shelf   boards  supplier Yueshan can make almost  floating shelves.  any straight  custom size  cut wall shelves to your exact requirements!  melamine shelf Cut to your exact specifications. all our bespoke shelves made to measure.

      Our wall mounted shelves made from melamine faced chipboard . with a quality finish of your choice. Over forty different finishes are available, including the very popular Oak and White.

      We can cut straight decorative shelves to fit almost any straight shelf size. Whether it is wall shelves for storage, wall mounted TV shelves or kitchen. and bathroom wall shelves. Our  fast delivery time corner shelves will be your  fit perfectly. Pls contact us for  product details  

      Our standard series of high quality melamine panels. with 14 beautiful finishes. complement a variety of Settings for a variety of bookshelves used in. and around the home, office or library. and even as cabinet doors. select the options that are appropriate for your application. We also have a wide range of accessories to suit a wide variety of applications.

     The same finished product is available on our floating shelves.  combined to give you more possibilities and innovation.

2- cut to size melamine board  application

melamine shelves cut to size Tips

      Melamine Faced Chipboard or MFC is a very versatile building product. It is all around us every single day of our lives. For example melamine board used in kitchens cupboards. shop furniture, wardrobes and many other pieces of commercial or house hold furniture. Each board can cut into a range of widths. The 15mm chipboard comes in 2.44m (8 foot) long pieces, and the 18mm boards comes in 2.8m (9 foot 2 inch) pieces. Each board edged in matching melamine edging tape along the two long edges. Iron on edging tape is also available in 5m rolls from the accessories section of this site.

       Melamine shelving offers a clean professional look. with the ease of a lightweight material. that is easy to move around and customize your retail display as needed. We also do plywood cut to size and MDF cut to size. For all products you provide us with a cutting list or your dimensions. and we will precision cut and edge the board, ready for assembly. We have modern hot melt edge bander that can edge durable ABS edging.For DIY assembly. we make it easy for you by carrying a range of hinges, drawer runners and fasteners. As well we can supply at the best price post form bench tops or acrylic solid surface bench tops.

      The panels have more glue. and compression which equates high internal bond and face numbers.

      With our range of White melamine faced MDF panels you can let your imagination run wild. and construct anything from shelving to wardrobes, TV cabinets, desks and much more. With it's textured white, durable, melamine surface makes it ideal for furniture manufacture. as it does not need painting and gives an easy to clean finish.

       Supplied un-edged we can cut our panels to your specific sizes. and then supply matching white, iron on edging to applied by the end user.

2- cut to size melamine production process

 price of melamine board

The  melamine board price is different based on different grade,  different   size. It it normally between up to 8usd - 30 usd per sheet. For more price inquiry. Yueshan has supply melamine shelves cut to size to uk. canada, us, nz,sydney, adelaide, perth, melboume, brisbane, auckland. Pls free to contact Yueshan

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White Melamine Board Cut To Size


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