Yueshan Creative Digital Custom Printing MDF Board Services

- Jul 19, 2019-

Digital print. Also referred to as inkjet printing. Through digital images  towards the material. They would like to print by direct inkjet. It's utilized in plastics, textiles along with other industries. Recently, digital printing on decorative paper continues to developed and promoted. Unlike traditional screen printing decor. Digital printed decorative paper could customized to the high-resolution pattern. Separate from wood and solid color. Conventional melamine sheets generally need a least order quantity to meet volume needs. Yueshan printing companies observed an upswing of many custom furniture. Individuals are starting to want to consider printing services. That is small in dimensions. And much more flexible in supplying various artistic patterns. And small order of wood grain patterns


Melamine use decor paper Wood Printing development

Today, Wood Printing Machine have grown to be a brand new trend in digital marketing

. Based on market demand, Yueshan is supplying Wood print digital printing melamine board services. Yueshan may use digital printing to create medium density fiberboard of various textures. based on your needs.

To meet up with the printing requirements of different customers. We have developed many textures that may be digital printed. Or you can send your Images of Wood Print to us. Digital printing melamine board consists of high-density melamine sheet for top-grade composite furniture. The fabric isn't deformed, water-absorbent, corrosion-resistant and simple to wash.


Why Choose Melamine Panel Printing Digital Decor ?

Printed straight to the substrate is appropriate for an array of use. Including indoor and outside use. It's weatherproof for approximately 5 years. This can be a very flexible printing option - the plethora of printed material is big. Paper quality is great. Plus the extra advantage of having the ability to print in white-colored. Enabling you to print in dark media. and make outstanding results on materials for example acrylic or glass.



Melamine Mdf Board Printing Machine Utilized in:

Wood product furniture industry like: wardrobes, cabinets, bathrooms, wall decoration, decoration, ceilings, partition walls, floors along.

other public facilities

for example: airports, subways, tunnels, office structures, hospitals, hotels along with other leisure places

and all sorts of home decoration

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