YUESHAN 360°aldehyde Removal Melamine Covered Mdf Complies With These Three Trends

- Apr 01, 2019-

How to choose a floor substrate? This problem is confusing for most consumers. The substrate related to the quality and service life of the floor. The problems that the floor often encounters in the life of the drum, deformation, mold, etc. caused by the substrate. Thus,for the choice of substrate. not only according to their own preferences, pattern color. but also need to pay attention to quality, environmental protection and practical performance.

YUESHAN 360°aldehyde removal melamine covered md

Evaluation Brand: YUESHAN Melamine Board


Evaluation products: 360° aldehyde removal melamine covered mdf, substrate is the same 360° aldehyde removal melamine covered mdf 360° aldehyde removal melamine mdf board is a kind of sheet product with the ability to adsorb. And decompose formaldehyde after adding chitin. And nano silicon wafer to the decorative surface. The principle of aldehyde removal is:the surface layer will produce the substance "aldehyde aldehyde particles". The "formaldehyde granules" can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde. And benzene in the room through the nano silicon wafer. And then decompose the activated amino groups of chitin to form formaldehyde into water molecules and Oh. The formaldehyde is completely removed by evaporation and daily cleaning.


About the YUESHAN's Shun core board, you may have heard it. It based on the high quality natural turmeric of the Canadian origin. And these poplars have a growth cycle of 80-120 years and related to the domestic fast-growing poplar. The biggest difference between the core board and the traditional particle board. Melamine sheets,MDF and other artificial boards is the glue water used in the production process. The artificial board such as the traditional particle board. And the MDF uses the trialdehyde glue as the adhesive in the production process.The finished product will release the formaldehyde. Endangering human health. The same type of isocyanate rubber used as the adhesive. The glue does not contain formaldehyde. And after YUESHAN's ultra-high temperature hot pressing process. It can also release trace amounts of formaldehyde contained in natural wood. To environmental protection and health.


The YUESHAN melamine covered mdf is rich in customizable colors. And the texture of the surface decorative layer is strong and natural. Satisfying consumers' demanding aesthetic requirements.


Adsorption formaldehyde performance evaluation:real  experiment, proof of aldehyde removal effect


Throughout the entire home, the termenvironmental protection"is everywhere. Green, environmental protection and health have become the slogans of various brands. But whether they are friendly is yet to verified. Today, through the detection of the 360° aldehyde-removing melamine covered mdf of the bunny, editor saw.  It's environmental performance. Let's take a look at the experimental process.

Wear resistance evaluation: Scratch hard, leaving no trace


This process requires a large box, formaldehyde solution, formaldehyde tester. And aldehyde board to complete. Through the formaldehyde tester. The process of changing the concentration of formaldehyde in the space. Under the condition ofex- aldehyde melamine covered mdf"displayed:when the concentration of formaldehyde in the device rises to 1.0ppm. It s put into the aldehyde melamine covered mdf, according to the formaldehyde tester. It is clear that the formaldehyde concentration in this space has dropped to about 0.3 ppm within 5 minutes. And has been in a slow decline process.


Wear Resistance Evaluation: Scratch Hard, Leaving No Trace


Waterproof evaluation: not easy to inhale moisture, no watermark, no penetration.


Evaluation summary: Shun core substrate has always been the star product of YUESHAN. Which can withstand the basic skills of:

Environmental protection, stability, load-bearing and other materials. It made of imported wood and made of aldehyde-free glue, which is as friendly as solid wood. Dozens of long strips of melamine covered mdf are criss-crossed. Not easy to absorb moisture and swell in wet plum rain days. And are not easy to shrink and crack in dry air-conditioned rooms. It is one of the plates with better stability and strength. This 360° aldehyde removal melamine covered mdf made of Shun core board is another high-tech environmental protection work launched by Bunny Company. It not only has its own “aldehyde-free”, but also absorbs aldehyde and decomposes formaldehyde.


Nowadays, the demand for decoration from consumers has changed from decoration to function. In fact, the basic performance of the board is the decorative effect. But it lacks humanity. So environmental protection and health have become the main theme of the times. Now people pay attention to the performance of the board will be better than its surface decoration. The development of the board market. Environmental protection and health have become the primary keywords. And the bunny has been in a leading position.


 Article Summary:

About YUESHAN 360°aldehyde removal melamine covered mdf complies with these. healthy and beautiful introduced here help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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