Why Use Plywood To Make Wardrobes? What Are The Advantages Of Plywood?

- Apr 02, 2019-


With the development of the economy, more and more people choose plywood to wardrobes. So, here I will introduce that: Why use plywood to make wardrobes? What are the advantages of plywood?

 Compound wind plywood use in kitchen

 What Is The Plywood?


Plywood are also called plywood, which made from criss-crossing board. It selects precious wood as a panel. And after coated with resin, it formed by high temperature and high pressure in a hot press.

The advantages of solid wood plywood are:

strong pressure resistance,

not easy to deform and crack, and the coefficient of dry shrinkage expansion is small. Thus, it has a good ability to regulate indoor temperature and humidity. Besides, the price of solid wood panels is cheaper than others.

Variety of ply sheet

What Is The Advantages Of Plywood?


1, the raw materials  made of solid wood plywood, which made of logs of small diameter.


2, dimensional stability


Plywood can overcome the shortcomings of wood deformity under natural growth conditions

3, not easy to deform, no cracking


The plywood made of high quality and precious wood and made of high temperature and pressure. Thus, it has the advantage of being less deformable and not cracking.


4, high strength, good flatness


The production process of wood plywood and the choice of raw materials . Many processes  cold pressing, hot pressing and sanding has the characteristics of

high strength, good grip force and high flatness.


5, Easy to process, easy to produce


The plywood is precise in thickness and close to the solid wood. Thus, there are no special requirements for machinery, saw blades, technical processing. Thus, it is easy to process and form.


6, Good quality, high price ratio


The advantages of plywood are high strength, good toughness, not easy to deform and crack. And, because its price is lower than solid wood, which is worthing to choose.


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