Why Do Famous Brands Of Board Furniture And Custom Furniture Use Colored Particle Board?

- Apr 10, 2019-

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 Real wood is the domestic furniture aesthetic "correct". but we found that some of the well-known both at home. and abroad of cabinet, wardrobe and other furniture brand. but they happen to coincide choice chipboard as raw material. or even a set of price of hundreds of thousands of German imports of integral ambry. cabinet put oneself in another's position is particieboard (solid wood colored particle board). so why do big brands like particieboard?

famous brands furniture

solid wood furniture Advantages and  Disadvantages


1. Time:


    Wood with a short growth time is soft and hard in texture, and it takes decades or hundreds of years to made into wood.


2. Size:


 The size of solid wood limited by the size of the tree itself. so it cannot produced completely according to demand.


3. Texture:


 The wood itself is uneven. Trees grow faster in good years and slower in bad years.


4. Features:


 For example,cracking, deformation,which is the natural defect of solid wood;colored particle board has invented for more than 100 years. In the 1950s, Europe also developed chipboard 32mm system, which is still in use now. melamine panels is a very mature industrial product with uniform material. and uniform size.




 Uniform texture,more stable structure,not easy to deformation, cracking, fading, overcome the natural defects of solid wood;


 6. Appearance size:


 There are as many as 300 kinds of patterns and colors on the appearance of aige board. and there are more choice Spaces. which can meet the decoration needs of different styles. The size can meet the needs of users, and the solid wood can only rely on spelling. The size of aige double decoration panel is 2800*2070mm.


 7. Price:


 colored particle board benefits from large-scale industrial production, cheaper than real wood;


 8. Environmental protection:


 This is the problem that everybody CARES most. love case board achieves world highest grade environmental protection standard F 4 stars,formaldehyde discharge is 0.3mg/L compare domestic E0 class (formaldehyde discharge is: 0.5mg/L) return environmental protection,

open a window ventilated a few hours to be able to move in.

furniture panels

furniture board



 Colored Particle Board And Large Core Board


 think big core board "visible" lumber is much, be to be close to real wood quite.But the whole wood content is more. represent the lumber defect. that it has more more more more more -- lumber moisture content is not controllable. lumber density is not unified, fast-growing lumber slant is soft, it is its defect.


 So a lot of people will suspect that melamine board, colored particle board glue more. less glue core board, colored particle board how can better than the core board? The key here is the glue. Cheap but very large formaldehyde emission of urea-formaldehyde resin. procurement price of two or three thousand one ton. Good imported aldehyde-free gum, the buy price of thousands of tons.


 The glue in the back is much cleaner and more friendly than the one in the front with two or three layers. Of course, particleboard also useful cheap glue. so in the particleboard brand choice, small make up feel or choose love this big brand. quality is more guaranteed!


 And the craft need of large core board is much lower than particieboard. small workshop also can produce by hand. But colored particle board needs high temperature high pressure. small workshop cannot do. Because colored particle board is not expensive, material is stable. so the board type furniture of big brand. and custom-built furniture love to use colored particle board.


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