Why Do Custom Cabinets Use Particle Boards? Isn't The Melamine Faced Mdf Board Better?

- Mar 29, 2019-

Engaged in the construction industry, is an expert in building construction and decoration works. At the same time, I also know a little about woodworking, and sometimes I also like to do something small wood, furniture or something. When I was decorating my home, many furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets, wine cabinets, TV cabinets, etc., were also designed by myself, and then I found a familiar furniture factory to customize. It is generally combined with wood and wood, which takes into account the beauty, reduces the cost, and is sturdy and durable.

Why do custom cabinets and cabinets use particle boards?


Why Do Custom Cabinets Use Particle Boards?  

Generally, the door panels made of solid wood such as red oak and cherry wood, combined with carving and other techniques. The cabinets made of high quality topcoat. The exposed cabinets in the closet skinned. I have done a lot of homework on the choice of cabinet plates. Melamine board, multi-layer board, and particle board are all used in different cabinet parts according to actual conditions. The plates used were also selected by me , and purchased by the furniture factory under my supervision. Under the premise that the environmental protection level is the best, the quality of the selected plates is also the highest quality that can bought in the market.


Omit price, the melamine faced mdf board is about 400 pieces, there are paint-free skin on both sides, and the multi-layer board is in the early 20s. There is no skin. It needs the furniture factory to apply veneer to paint. The particle board is of course paint-free, the price is not to two hundred one. The plate thickness is standard 18 mm. From the performance and quality of its nail holding power, strength, etc., it is also arranged according to the price from high to low. Under the premise of reasonable design, the plates used are at least two grades higher than the wardrobe and cabinet. The melamine plywood, that is, the paint-free blockboard, is about twice as high as the ordinary price. There are some shortcomings in the above answers, and the core materials used are also spliced with high quality wood. The reason why brand manufacturers choose particle board and multi-layer board is cost reason. It should known that if the quantity of goods purchased, it is much lower than the price of the general furniture factory. Even so, using high-quality materials, the price is also much cheaper than the wardrobe of the first-line brand. Finally, I will share the melamine faced mdf board on the cabinet. The multi-layer board used on the exposed cabinet. It attached to the same veneer as the solid wood door panel. It used together for the paint. The particle board used in the cover of the cabinet. position.


Isn't the melamine faced mdf board better?

In fact, wood-based panels that meet environmental standards can be called melamine faced mdf boards, but now melamine faced plywoods are synonymous with blockboards, and blockboards are easy to produce. The threshold is very low. Many people in Shandong are a blockboard factory, which is cheap. The cost plus the blockboard is light, probably only half the weight of the particleboard, which is easy to transport and process (mainly with a huge profit). Very much respected by the decoration company and the decoration master. Blockboard is made of low density and fast growing wood. Because the density of the bottom is poor, the water expansion rate is high, the gap is not uniform enough, the stability is not enough, the longitudinal bearing capacity is poor, and it is not suitable for furniture. . The blockboard that looks like a solid wood core is the most unsuitable for furniture in all wood-based panels. If it's so good, there won't be a famous company in the world that uses it to produce furniture.

Why is better than The Melamine Faced Mdf Board 

In the past year or two, all-aluminum cabinets have been popular. Especially today, environmentally-friendly cabinets are all good additions to traditional wood cabinets. There is a choice in choosing cabinet cabinet materials. All-aluminum cabinets Formaldehyde-free, high temperature resistant, waterproof, non-deformable, Foshan Minhui Aluminum Profile Factory specializes in producing all-aluminum cabinet aluminum.

Because the particle board have many styles. Such as the triple hole above the particle board, the melamine faced mdf board is not easy to lay. Because it is solid wood. The particle board processed fine sawdust particles is easy to process.

It recommended to use a good melamine faced mdf board to make the cabinet. Because it is firm, the particle board will not work, the punching place is very easy to break! The particle board is out, the style is much better!


Article Summary: About Why do custom cabinets use particle boards? Isn't the melamine faced mdf board better? introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget,but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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