Why Do Big Brands Use Particle Board To Make Cabinets Instead Of Oak Mfc Board And Multi-layer Solid Wood?

- Apr 01, 2019-

 Many customers' perceptions are that the wood is getting better and better. and many merchants use this not correct cognition to make a fuss. The result is a strange phenomenon in the market:

the more the cards are, the more the eco-board multi-layer board is. The more famous the brand, the less it does.


 At present, there are these types of boards on the market:

particle board (particle board, moisture-proof board),

MDF (medium board),

oak mfc board (wood board, large core board), multi-layer board (plywood), knuckle board, log.

And we have seen that there are certain brands, the cabinets generally adopt particle boards. and the door panels may be various materials. So why choose this?

Why do big brands use particle board to make cabinets

Based On The Following Reasons OF Particle Board To Make Cabinets Instead Of Oak Mfc Board And Multi-layer Solid Wood:


 1. Resistance To Deformation


    The anti-deformation ability of the particle board is higher than that of the board except the density board. The gripping force is higher than that of the MDF and part of the oak mfc board. and the moisture resistance is higher than that of the MDF, although the water resistance is lower than Logs and multi-layer boards. the strength is lower than that of multi-layer boards, knuckles and MDF, but for the current custom cabinets. they are all three-in-one fasteners, not the partition wall on site, so he is defective. The physical properties are negligible. From the physical point of view, the particle board is the most suitable for custom products.


2, From The Perspective Of Environmental Performance


 We always go into a misunderstanding, the wood is big, and that is friendly. This is a rooted error. All the boards made of wood. No matter how big or small the strips are, they made of wood, and the formaldehyde content of the wood itself is about 0.1 mg. What is the amount of formaldehyde left? On the top is the glue produced by the glue board and the process control of the production process (including logs). what kind of glue board or what process is the key to determine the environmental protection of the board. now there is urine aldehyde glue. The three ammonia glue and the MDI glue, even the MDI glue, do not contain formaldehyde. so the formaldehyde content in the glue determines the environmental protection of the board. and the relationship between the size of the board and the size of the board is not large.

oak mfc board and multi-layer solid wood


 The particle board and MDF are the environmental protection industries encouraged by the state (this environmental protection means saving tree resources here). and it is also the furniture sheet used in developed countries (no big core board, oak mfc board, multi-layer board in foreign countries). Furniture, the amount of logs is very small. and the investment threshold is high. so there are some well-known large-scale plate enterprises. and the environmental indicators of these large enterprises are very stable. For the big furniture brands, this is the core buy index. Otherwise, the responsibility for this problem can be great. They are not brand-name cards. They are afraid to produce products that are not friendly. This problem is too sensitive.


    The oak mfc board is not an industry encouraged by the state. The original name of the multi-layer board called plywood. It used for its waterproof performance and strength to make outer packaging, building templates, partitions and the like. Brand, and the glue used in the small plate factory is urethane glue, and the performance is not stable. In fact, we have written many times that the environmental protection of the board has nothing to do with the name of the board. It related to the brand and environmental protection level of the board. It has also done many experiments, but unfortunately:


3. Production Performance.


     The size of the particle board. and the density board are accurate, and the internal density is compact. which is convenient for large-scale mechanized controlled production. and the oak mfc board multi-layer board is not accurate enough in size. especially the interior of the melamine faced chipboard is not dense. and good equipment cannot used at all, only suitable for some. Poor equipment and on-site construction (on-site construction generally does not use particle board. equipment does not work. multi-purpose melamine board and knuckle board). while the particle board does not need to painted on the surface, which saves a large part of the knuckle board.


4, Cost


 In the case of the same environmental indicators, the cost of oak mfc board and multi-layer boards is higher than that of particle boards. But, I am talking about the same environmental indicators.  not to mention the particle board of well-known brands such as Lushuihe and Daya. Eco-boards or multi-layer boards used in small factories are cheap (because this is not the same environmental indicator at all). Then, the brand manufacturer is a professional. there will not be a situation where you only buy expensive and do not buy the right one. no matter the physical performance, production performance. environmental performance should be better, why not use cheaper? Well, actually Very simple, this is why the big brands choose the particle board. Of course, because the particle board can't shaped, their shape door panels made of MDF and solid wood logs.


Choose Particle Board TIPS


 I am not saying that all the particle boards are very good. The particle board must buy those big brands, and we must identify the true and false (a lot of fakes). The quality of the particle board and the fake particle board of the small factory is very good. Poor. So, why do small factories like to use melamine faced mdf and multi-layer boards? In fact, it is very simple: in fact, the production cost of the same brand is lower than that of small factories. Their procurement cost and mechanized production cost are low, expensive. It’s channel fees, brand fees, service fees and operating expenses. Because of the problems of purchasing cost and production cost. small factories can’t follow suit. For example, we didn’t enter the market and there was no deduction. In fact, we have more service fees. if that The small factory is completely the same as ours (not the cabinet board). and it is the real goods, then the sales price gap will never exceed 5%. Under this gap, customers generally do not choose. Then, if you want to sell the price low and make money, there are only two options. The first one is a fake brand-name particle board. This has certain risks. The second is to recommend boards that are not used by big brands to carry out misplaced operations. Let customers not compare. even this board looks better than the particle board and MDF from the appearance, there will be selling points.


 Article Summary:

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