Which Is Suitable For Custom Wardrobe Between Gloss Melamine Board And Particle Board ? Experts Recommend This

- Apr 01, 2019-

particle board wardrobe

Particle board has it's own advantages. Including greater dimensional stability: It does not warp due to temperature fluctuations. And other changes in the environment. Most , particle board costs less than plywood. Particle board is often made of scraps of wood that considered waste. Many plywood manufacturers also make particle board from the leftovers. Because of this, particle board is less expensive. By using particle board, one can save between 8% and 12% on the cost of cabinets.

      A major downside to particle board is it's lack of moisture resistance. If moisture absorbed through the end grain, particle board will swell—for example. If water on the floor comes into contact with the unfinished bottom edge of a cabinet box. To address this potential problem. Imperia seals the ends of all particle board pieces with edge banding. The installer may also seal the bottom edges of cabinet boxes with a clear coat when installing them. Plywood, though more water resistant, is also not very durable in wet conditions.

high gloss melamine board-custom melamine board

Many owners are more concerned about. The quality and environmental protection of the wardrobe. Now there are more plates on the market using gloss melamine board and particle boards. I don't know which one to choose, so let's take a look at the analysis below.

high gloss wardrobe

gloss wardrobe gloss mdf Solid Wood Panels 

This is of course an ideal plate.More friendly. And the natural texture of solid wood, which looks more high-end atmosphere. But, solid wood furniture is also expensive. When you are making cabinets. You must choose the budget of your home decoration to see if it is suitable to install solid wood cabinets. Grey gloss wardrobe The Gloss Melamine Board

Also known as melamine board, or it can also called paint-free board. It should called “melamine impregnated film facing wood-based panel". The middle substrate made of multi-layer solid wood plywood, melamine faced mdf. And the surface decorated with decorative paper. The surface of the plate looks more neat, not deformed, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, colored, and affordable;

But, such a sheet has the disadvantage that the edge seal is easy to collapse and can only straightened.

gloss wardrobe

custom timber custom melamine board Blockboard

In the middle is the fast-growing material, which is the wood that grows faster, such as poplar and tung. The wood is loose, and the later production made by twisting and bonding. Plates made of fast-growing materials are prone to deformation over time.

high gloss black wardrobe  Particle Board

Solid wood particle board is a kind of particle board. It made of wood or other wood fiber. The wood-based board made of pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has good decorative performance.Not easy to deformed, has strong nail holding power. And good processing performance. Etc.

The particle board is poor in water resistance. And some will wrapped with PVC film to enhance it's waterproofness.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of high gloss melamine board and particle boards in the market. From the content of rubber, the amount of glue used in the gloss melamine sheet is less, and it is more friendly. If you play the wardrobe, you can give priority to the use of the gloss melamine board.


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