Which Is Good For Fir Boards And Melamine Faced Ply? You Will Know All When You Finish Reading.

- Mar 27, 2019-

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fir boards vertical grain introduction

 Plates are essential in the home improvement process. The variety of plates on the market is different, the plates are different, and the range of use is different. As a common decorative material on the market, fir boards and melamine faced used by many users to compare the two. So, which is better for fir boards and melamine faced ? Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge.

fir boards

fir boards and melamine faced ply - fir boards


The Chinese fir board, also called the fir integrated board, the large-thickness plate formed by the long and small splicing of the short material.

In the production process, it is not necessary to use a large amount of glue, bonding and other processes. used in mid-to-high-end home decoration, it has become an friendly decorative sheet for interior decoration. It is more resistant to moisture than ordinary wood-based panels, and the visual effect is very warm. The furniture made with it has also been favored by consumers.


 The fir board is very friendly, the wood grain is fresh and natural, giving people a simple feeling of returning to nature. It is more durable than solid wood board, has good moisture-proof performance, and is made into a furniture surface without any modification. It is very beautiful. used Chinese fir boards have single-sided sapling fir boards, double-sided sapling fir boards, and knotted fir boards. If you use fir boards for furniture, it is recommended to choose one side without knots, which will not affect the external beauty of furniture. When choosing a fir board, it must be brightly colored. If the color is dull, it is not recommended.

particle board

fir boards pine boards and melamine faced ply - melamine faced ply

The melamine faced is also the melamine veneer that people often say. The raw materials are made by immersing various colors or all kinds of textured paper in the eco-resin adhesive, then waiting for drying, to a certain degree of curing, and then paving the particle board and moisture-proof board. , plywood, hard fiberboard surface, after high temperature hot pressing. The melamine panels used in furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other home improvement fields. Ordinary melamine veneers were first used for office furniture such as computer desks, usually monochromatic boards, known as "double white" or "double gray."


 The surface of the custom melamine board is beautiful, and melamine plywood has many advantages:

convenient construction, green environmental protection and wear resistance.


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