Which Is Good For Coloured Melamine Faced Chipboard And Melamine Sheets?

- Mar 28, 2019-


We will encounter many problems when we are decorating. The other problem is to compare the decorative plates. The two

 common plates we use coloured melamine faced chipboard and melamine sheets. Many people ask the melamine board and the melamine sheets which is better? Today, let's take a look at the coloured melamine faced chipboard and the melamine sheets. You can understand the buy options below.

Which is good for coloured melamine faced chipboard and melamine sheets?

 Which is good for coloured melamine faced chipboard and melamine sheets?

 1. In fact, melamine laminate sheets is a solid wood board that many furniture will choose. Why is it chosen? The main reason is that this cost is relatively low, the interior of the particle board is cross-grain, and the blade is oriented layered. The achievable strength is relatively high, but its shortcoming is that it is not as good as the melamine sheets in terms of flatness, and it is difficult to make the arc shape and shape. It also contains a large amount of industrial glue, which makes the formaldehyde emission high.


    2. The core of the melamine sheets is made up of several cores. It can be said that it is a real solid wood board, and this layer of skin is made of paint-free melamine dough, which is free of paint and paint. The advantage is that the environmental protection level is high, reaching E0 level, because the use of environmentally friendly glue, the amount of glue used is small.

 3. The coloured melamine faced chipboard is a piece of wood that has been cut by a flaker to form a certain size of debris. The coloured chipboard sheets retains more of the natural structure of the wood, and its expansion rate in water is only 8% to 10%. Because the internal structure of the coloured melamine sheets is granular, its holding force is much stronger than the medium density.

 Guide to the purchase of home improvement building materials

 4. The melamine sheets is resistant to high temperatures and its fire and moisture resistance is also very good. The melamine sheets breaks through many problems that other plates can't overcome, such as high formaldehyde, easy bubbles, delamination, blasting, and more.

 5. Although the melamine sheets can be used to make furniture, it is a new type of material, and the price is naturally more expensive. It is more difficult for the average home user to bear such expenses. And the lack of relevant technical specifications, because it is a new thing, in general, from the production of melamine sheets to perfection is a process that requires a period of time, so it is more difficult to buy high-quality products.

 Article Summary: About Which is good for coloured melamine faced chipboard and melamine sheets? Guide to the purchase of home improvement building materials introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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