What is plywood wardrobe prices? Does the Plywood contain formaldehyde?

- Apr 02, 2019-

plywood wardrobe price 


With the popularity of this type of Plywood, which wardrobes favored by consumers. So, what is the price of Plywood wardrobe? Does the Plywood contain formaldehyde? I will introduce it to you here.

plywood wardrobe price

What Is The Price Of Plywood Wardrobe?


First of all. It said that the current market, the price of Plywood wardrobe is more cheaper than other wood panels. Usually, their price gap is between 180 yuan and 260 yuan.


The main factor affecting the price change of Plywood is the difference in material. And regional choice. Generally speaking, the materials used for Plywood are:cherry, eucalyptus, cedar, walnut, ash, rubber wood, etc.

The prices of these different materials will vary. Besides to this, due to regional economic differences. the price of board in each place is also different. different brands are also one of the important factors that influence.  It's price changes.


Finally, the composition of the price of Plywood wardrobe is the material + cost + other costs. Generally, The price of solid wood plywood wardrobes is around 350 yuan m2. there are also a small number of manufacturers of solid wood plywood wardrobe prices are around 320 yuan m2. Besides, if you choose a big brand to make solid wood plywood wardrobe, then it's price is at least 500 yuan per square.


plywood price


Does The Plywood Contain Formaldehyde?


The formaldehyde content of Plywood divided into three levels: E2, E1 and E0. If it reaches the E1 level, it up to a national standard. But, plywoods will contain a small amount of formaldehyde. But as long as it's formaldehyde content is within the limits set by the state. which considered friendly.


From the above introduction. you may know the melamine plywood wardrobe prices and Formaldehyde content of the board.  help you,please feel free to check.


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