What Kind Of Plate Is Used For Cabinet?

- Apr 01, 2019-

Solid wood board for cabinets-solid wood cabinets

The new year is also the time when many families are rushing to decorate. The decoration is a thing that needs to do with care. The quality of the decoration affects the situation after the future stay. Our lives spent at home most of the time, and home improvement is essential. Many female friends are very eager to have their own big wardrobe. Then, what kind of plate used for home decoration? In general,the panels that can used for decoration are plywood,melamine laminated mdf, large core board, painted board, fireproof board, solid wood board, particle board, etc. When choosing, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of various plates, and then choose the plate that suits you according to your preferences, economic conditions and goal conditions. But we tend to become confused when we buy the wardrobe. Why, because we don't know about the wardrobe, we look at the appearance of the wardrobe,so for the wardrobe industry, most of our consumers belong to layman. Let me come to understand what kind of board used for the cabinet.

solid wood board

What wood is used for kitchen cabinets?

Solid wood board hardwood lumber

As its name suggests, is a wood board made of complete wood. The use of solid wood to make wardrobe door panels, the style is mostly classical, usually at a higher price. This kind of sheet is sturdy and durable, and its texture is natural. Most of it has the unique aroma of natural wood. It has good moisture absorption and breathability, is beneficial to human health and does not cause environmental pollution. It is the best choice for decoration. However, due to the high cost of such panels and the high construction process requirements, there are not many uses in the decoration. Solid wood boards are generally classified according to the physical name of the board, and there is no uniform standard specification.

Solid hardwood Plywood

Commonly known as a multi-layer board, is a sheet-like material formed by gluing a veneer or a veneer formed by turning a piece of wood under a temperature and pressure for a certain period of time. Commonly there are three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood and twelve plywood (commonly known as plywood, plywood, nine plywood, twelve plywood). Plywood has common defects such as low bond strength and partial open glue, plywood warpage, and more is used to make oil-filled panels or back sheets.

Red oak MDF board

It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, and artificial board made of urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. If the wardrobe is generally 1, 2 or 1.5, but the board of the wardrobe is generally called his composite board, which has a single side, two-sided distinction, is a pattern, how much will be made with the composite board will let you see some Nail holes, unsightly, generally used to make cabinet or box materials.

solid wood boards

White oak Particle board 

It is the collective name of thin board made of plantation, natural forest trunk, branch shaving or shaving, and applying glue and additives. According to the pressing method, it can be divided into two types: extruded particle board and flat pressed particle board. The main advantages of this type of sheet are small expansion ratio, high stability and low price. The disadvantage is: that the edge holding force is small, the strength is not enough, and the vision is rough. It is generally not suitable to make furniture with larger or mechanical requirements.

Wood lumber blockboard

It is used in woodworking production. There is also a large core board to make the wardrobe. The panel will definitely be painted, cost and compound. The board is completely divided into heaven and earth. Of course, in terms of hardness, the quality will definitely be much better. It is better to use the large core board for the wardrobe. The strength of the same level of the finger joint board is not high, but the span of the wardrobe is relatively large, and the required strength is relatively high. The genuine large core board shall have the quality appraisal certificate of the quality inspection department of the manufacturer at the time of leaving the factory, and prove the category and physical performance index of the large core board. The back of the large core board or the 30 mm side of the board should be marked with a clear, non-fading mark, including the category, date of manufacture, manufacturer code and inspector code. Be sure to choose a regular large core board to avoid formaldehyde pollution.

Article Summary: About What kind of plate is used for the cabinet? Expert advice: choose the melamine laminated mdf to make the cabinet more environmentally friendly. Introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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