What Kind Of Melamine Particle Board Is Good? Melamine Particle Board Purchase Needs To Keep In Mind 4 Points

- Mar 20, 2019-


The melamine particle board is good that everyone often says is

 also called the paint-free board. The characteristic of this board is that its surface is not painted. So its environmental protection is unquestionable. The melamine particle board itself made of wood

 and contains more or less formaldehyde. As long as we choose quality and environmental protection standards, it is safe to use. Which kind of melamine particle board is good? How to choose the melamine particle board? Let’s take a look at the melamine particle board together with Author!

What kind of melamine particle board is good?


What Kind Of Melamine Particle Board Is Good?

1, look at environmental protection

  The biggest feature of this type of board is that it is not painted and friendly. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to its environmental protection when purchasing. If the ecological board is not friendly, what is the ecological board? If the level of the melamine laminate can reach E0 or E1 level, it means that its environmental protection is very good, you can use it with confidence. We can ask the level of formaldehyde emission from the business melamine panel, and ask the merchant to produce the 

corresponding inspection report. The melamine plywood sheets has no odor and irritating smell, so we need to know.

2, look at the flatness

  Generally, such panels are used to make furniture, so everyone should check its flatness when purchasing. The inspection method is as follows: We can see the long side of the melamine plywood at a 45 

degree angle in a place where the light is dark, whether it has irregularities, whether the three stitching seams and sand marks on 

surface are obvious; we can also touch the hand The surface of the board is to see if it is smooth and textured, and whether there is any unevenness. In general, good quality melamine particle board density has strict standards, and even if we press hard, it is not easy to be bent.



3, look at the surface

  We also need to check whether its surface is smooth and flat. Generally speaking, the surface of the excellent quality ecological 

will not have problems such as blistering, dent, deformation, 

enthalpy, carbonization, etc., and we also need to look at its edge. Whether the treatment is tight and whether there is a large gap. Before passing the factory, the quality-qualified ecological board is affixed with corresponding anti-counterfeiting trademarks, and the 

has code marking and inspection and stamping.

4, look closely

  Finally, we need to check whether the surface layer and the base layer are attached. If the decorative paper and the wood are attached, the quality of the ecological board is good. Detection method: We can use the super glue to stick on the small piece per 

square centimeter to see if the paper is pulled off. Or use your hand to buckle on the cross section to see if you can buckle the paper.

  Article Summary: About What kind of melamine particle board is good? melamine particle board purchase needs to keep in mind 4 points introduced here, help everyone. Although only knowing the price can 

better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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