What Kind Of Materials Are Used In The Melamine Furniture? The Introduction To Melamine Furniture Material Type

- Apr 04, 2019-


 What kind of materials are used in the melamine furniture?

 This is the most concern for the friends who need to buy melamine furnitures, and it is also the most troublesome thing; because of the lack of understanding of the melamine furniture materials, I am afraid to choose the wrong materials when purchasing. Today, I will follow the small series to see what materials are used in the melamine furnitures and the types of melamine furniture materials.

What kind of materials are used in the melamine furniture?


    Solid wood panel melamine furniture: The solid wood board is divided into pure solid wood board, solid wood composite board and solid wood veneer. Pure solid wood board has higher consistency requirements for wood species, overall natural, luxurious classic, good effect, but the price is generally higher; solid wood composite board is made of solid wood splicing material, the surface is covered with solid wood skin, which can achieve the visual effect of solid wood. The solid wood veneer is double-coated with solid wood on the surface of the MDF. Solid wood composite panels and solid wood veneers can avoid the chromatic aberration and defects of the surface raw materials, achieve the same texture color effect, and are not easy to be deformed, and the price is relatively low, but the quality is relatively weak. What kind of material is good in the melamine furniture, the solid wood board is better in texture, but the quality is quite weak.

 PVC board melamine furniture:

 The PVC board is vacuum-pressed on the surface of the substrate by PVC, and can have a three-dimensional shape. Due to the overall coating, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance is good, and there are various colors and textures to choose from. However, the surface is easily scratched, bruised and not resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, since the water of the glue is immersed in the substrate during the coating process, the sheet is easily deformed. What kind of melamine plate is good in the melamine furniture, the sheet of PVC is easily deformed, and this seems to be a bit less practical.

 Paint board melamine furniture

 Paint boards are divided into paint and polyester paints. Baking lacquers are composed of resins and additives that can be polished and polished. The polyester lacquer is made by a painting process, which does not need to be baked. The surface is matt effect without polishing, and the firmness and adhesion are emphasized. A good polyester lacquer falls off in powder form, while ordinary sheets fall off.

 Crystal board melamine furniture

 The crystal plate is plexiglass plate after being painted on the surface of the plate. Because of its manual processing, such as wrapping, edge sealing and trimming, and the characteristics of the plexiglass itself, the construction is troublesome and has many disadvantages.

 The introduction to melamine furniture material type

 Fire board melamine furniture

 The standard name of the fireproof board is the refractory board, but it is not really not afraid of fire, but has certain fire resistance. The fireproof board is made of a fireproof board, and the particle board is used as a base material (also used as a density melamine board), and is made by pressing the melamine furniture factory. Compared with melamine plates, fire board processing is more troublesome. Many decoration teams and melamine furniture factories do not have special machine pressure plates. They use some soil methods to press the plates, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The fireproof board veneer is three layers, and the melamine board has only one layer of veneer. Therefore, the general fireproof board has better wear resistance, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance than the melamine board. The fireproof board has a bright color and gives a new look. However, the fireproof board top is easily eroded by water and moisture. If used improperly, it will lead to degumming, deformation, and substrate expansion.

 Plastic frame board melamine furniture

 The plastic frame board is decorated with some plastic decorative bread on the surface of the substrate. Most of this material is hand-operated. It is very beautiful at the beginning, with rich color and color. It is easy to deform, fall off, twist, fade and exist after a long time. Many clean dead ends.

 Melamine board melamine furniture

 The melamine board is made of melamine on the surface of the particle board or the MDF, and the extended type is covered with a metal frame at the edge. Similar to fireproof board, it has the properties of anti-friction, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat-resistant acid hot alkali and so on. The refractory board has various natural colors and textures, but there is no three-dimensional shape. The metal edge banding and the aluminum alloy groove handle only increase the decorativeness, and there is not much effect from the practical effect.

 Article Summary: About What kind of materials are used in the melamine furniture? melamine furniture material type introduction introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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