What Kind Of Board Is Used In The Wardrobe? Use Melamine Coated Plywood Or Particle Board?

- Mar 25, 2019-

melamine coated particle board Advantages:

 The melamine coated plywood itself is very toxic and stable. and does not have free toxicity after curing.

 The melamine sheets makes the furniture look strong. and the paper printed with color or wood-like pattern is fragile. The film paper formed. after immersing in the eco-plate transparent resin is much harder. The film paper is hot-pressed with the substrate. After the product has good performance. the furniture made with it does not need to painted, the surface forms a protective film. wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, hot and pollution resistant.

 The melamine panels is a standardized product. which meets the environmental protection needs of modern people. and is easy to decorate. The solid wood particle board is generally used as a substrate. How to get a good decorative effect, it needs to used together with veneer or overlay paper. but The mdf board can installed . The melamine coated plywood can also made of solid wood particle board.

-There is a wide array of melamine colors and patterns to choose from.

-The coating is not only waterproof but also shatter and scratch resistant.

-It offers a concordant finish.

-It is cost friendly in that it used to cover other wood products.

-It is a lightweight material.

melamine coated particle board Disadvantages

-As a coating, it is susceptible to chipping.

-In some instances splintering can occur where nails and screws used.

melamine coated particle board cutting process

       we started by supporting the panels on sawhorses. Then, to reduce chipping, we used a 60-tooth carbide-tipped blade. and fit our saw with a zero-clearance auxiliary hardboard shoe. To do this, we cut a piece of tempered hardboard the same size as the metal saw base. 

      Then, we raised the blade above the metal base and adhered the hardboard to it with double-faced tape. aligning the edges of the hardboard with the saw base. We then set the saw on the workpiece so the blade cleared the edge. With the saw running, we plunged the blade through the hardboard shoe, as shown above.

      For simple but accurate right-angle crosscuts. we purchased a pair of stair gauges for our framing square. We clamped the stair gauges to the short blade of the square, as shown at below. and adjusted the circular saw blade to cut about 7⁄8 " deep. Next, we positioned the square to align the saw blade with the marked cutline. Finally, we clamped the square to the end panel and crosscut it as shown at below, bottom.

melamine coated particle board

melamine coated particle board furniture

 The melamine coated plywood of the wardrobe is still good for the particle board. Compared with the melamine coated plywood. the melamine coated plywood is more suitable for the wardrobe. and the amount of formaldehyde is much less and more solid.

 Although there are many plates in the wardrobe. it is the best of the melamine coated plywoodBecause the particle board pressed. and formed. there will be industrial glue inside, and the glue is more toxic. The melamine board, relative to the particle board, the industrial glue used will be much less. if there is economic ability, the melamine plywood for the wardrobe is much more friendly

      an organic compound. melamine resin formed through polymerization as a hard and durable plastic material. It possesses high heat and fire resistance attributes. and applied to particleboard, plywood or MDF. It can found in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and thickness.

board furniture

 melamine particle board  furniture  

         Melamine  particle board  furniture. constructed from a manufactured-wood substrate, like MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood. that has covered in melamine laminate. The melamine resin gives these otherwise lower-quality materials a very durable. and attractive finish! This is what makes melamine furniture, like cabinets. office desks, and display counters, so popular! While 100% real wood furniture pieces have their benefits. often using melamine laminated furniture is the most cost effective, lightweight. and convenient choice.

 Melamine  vs particle board

      Melamine is a thermally-fused. resin-saturated paper finish (like the properties of plastic laminate). bonded onto a particleboard core. In spite of this hard surface, if a sink cabinet gets wet the panel will fail when the water makes its way to an edge. To avoid this problem we started using. exterior plywood laminated with matching plastic laminate. for the deck in cabinets with plumbing.

      Particleboard is also notorious for picking up odors and hanging onto them. This is most noticeable when used in linen or clothes drawers. Thus, I always specify solid wood or plywood drawer boxes.

      Don’t make the mistake of using the same solid color melamine. for the box interior on a glass or open cabinet configuration. as you do on cabinets with doors. Many shops still make this blunder because they like to use the same material throughout the job. For visual continuity. always specify the exterior material to used on glass door cabinet interiors.

       Melamine simulated and doesn’t look or feel like real wood. You can get away with this on cabinet interiors, but the eye is not fooled on exterior surfaces. The exception to this is when budget is a concern, or the client interested in a uniform appearance. This is why melamine gets specified more often in commercial. than in residential projects.

      The Achilles’ heel of melamine is the particleboard edge. which is more vulnerable to damage than plywood or solid wood. Thus, thicker PVC edges or solid wood edging should specified for heavy-use areas.

      For the most part, our suppliers were right during those early years of melamine. it did become the material of choice. The company I worked for fell in love with the stuff. because it eliminated the need for interior finishing of the cabinetry. Homeowners loved the material because it was lower in cost and possessed a hard. durable surface. Our commercial clients liked the uniformity of its “grain” and color. Plus, the easily-cleanable surface made it especially popular for medical facility cabinets. Architects started to spec it on every job we bid.


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