Thin Melamine Board Main Use And Price Introduction

- Apr 10, 2019-



It estimated that everyone is familiar with MDF. It is a kind of very common decorative material. It used as door panels, partition walls and so on. There are many types of MDF. According to the density,the MDF divided into low density, medium density and high density. So what is the advantages and disadvantages of thin melamine boards? Is the thin melamine board suitable for home decoration? The following article will share these issues with everyone, and look forward to helping friends in need.

What is thin melamine board?

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of thin melamine boards?

 In recent years, high density has been widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, and it is an ideal material for making wall panels, security doors, wall panels, partitions, and the like. It is favored by many owners because it has the following advantages:

 1. Various veneer, adhesive paper film, veneer, light metal sheet, melamine board and other materials can be glued on the surface of the MDF.


    2. MDF is easy to finish. Various paints and paints can be uniformly applied to the MDF, which is the preferred substrate for the paint effect.

 3. Excellent physical properties, uniform material, no dehydration problems.

 4. MDF is also a beautiful decorative plate.

 5. The hard MDF board is punched and drilled, and can also be made into sound absorbing panels, which are used in the decoration engineering of buildings.

Thin melamine board main use and price introduction

 What are the disadvantages of the advantages and disadvantages of thin melamine boards?

 The advantages of thin melamine boards are really many, so is there any inadequacy? thin melamine plywood are good, but they are easy to expand and deform when exposed to water. Its long-term load-bearing deformation is larger than that of homogeneous solid wood particle board. Everyone should use the thin melamine panels as the skirting board, the door panel, the window sill should pay attention to the six sides of the paint, so that it will not be deformed. In addition, the MDF has a poor grip strength, and the density of the fiber is very small, so that the MDF holding force is much worse than the solid wood board and the particle board.

 Main use of thin melamine board

 So what are the uses of such panels? As long as you go shopping in the mall, you will find that many furniture are now MDF, because the density of high-density panels is too high, it is easy to crack, so there is no way to make furniture. . Generally, thin melamine boards are used for interior and exterior decoration, office and civil furniture, audio, and vehicle interior decoration. They can also be used as materials for anti-static floors, wall panels, security doors, wall panels, partitions, etc. in computer rooms. . It is also a good material for packaging. In the future, it is used as a substrate for making laminate flooring.

 What is the price of thin melamine boards?

 The cost of decoration is a topic that everyone cares about. What is the price of thin melamine boards? There are many thin melamine boards in the mall today, and they vary in size and thickness. Here are a few common thin melamine board prices:

  1. MDF 1220*2440*15mm78 yuan / piece

 2. MDF 1220*2440*18, 65 yuan / piece

 3. MDF 15mm18mm20mm55 yuan / Zhang

 4. MDF 1220*3660, 145 yuan / piece

 Article Summary: About What are thin melamine board? Thin melamine board main use and price introduction introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on

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