What Is The Truth Of The laminate faced ply ?

- Apr 03, 2019-

laminated plywood faced birch concept

Plywood composite floor is dependant on multi-layer plywood, laminated hardwood veneer. or planed veneer. that produced by mix-heat pressing with urea chemicals resin. and it has exactly the same characteristics as three-layer composite floor.

laminated plywood



prelaminated plywood VS hardwood plywood


First, distinct materials. The laminates constructed with denser wood veneer. that's been phenolic impregnated after which pressed together. Plywood consists of wood veneer you can use as lengthy as possible combined.


Second, the processing process differs. Throughout the processing of laminates. veneer should dried and impregnated to maximise the density. As lengthy because the moisture content of veneer utilized in plywood. doesn't exceed the conventional. there aren't any rigid needs.


Third, the flatness isn't the same. Laminates should finally get a rock-solid effect. Because of their hardness, flatness needed to be high.


How to choose the plywood products

Consider the ecological rating,


About the thickness, some thickness isn't enough, simple to penetrate the paint,


Adornment sticks face plate is nowadays domestic bed room decorates. generally used adornment material. Choose and buy should recognize the main difference between artificial veneer veneer. and natural wood veneer: the feel from the former is straight texture. exture pattern has rules As the latter may be the natural wood pattern.  natural variability from the texture pattern is large. without rules Good decoration. decorative board appearance should have a very good feeling of beauty. material ought to be meticulous and uniform, obvious color, beautiful wood-grain. The grain of matching board and parquet ought to arranged based on a particular rule. The wood color is comparable, and also the parquet seam is parallel towards the board edge. The top shouldn't have any clear defects. the option of decorative plate surface ought to be smooth. and clean, thorn, gouge and gouge

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