What Is The Practicality Of Melamine Ply Board And The Particle Board? What Are Correct Methods For Purchasing Plates?

- Apr 02, 2019-

 plywood sheets

Nowadays, more and more elements are being renovated, not only the decoration style, but also the more and more selective selection of the home decoration panels. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the relevant content of the melamine ply board or the particle board and the correct method of purchasing the board. If you want to know it, let's take a look!

plywood sheets

 First, the melamine ply board is good or the particle board is good.

 Before we understand whether the melamine ply board is good or the particle board is good, let's take a look at their respective advantages:

  1. Advantages of the melamine ply board

 The hardness of the melamine plywood sheets is very large. In addition to the advantages of wear resistance and heat resistance, it can also resist the general acid, alkali and oil. It is not only color, easy to clean and maintain, but also very affordable, and it is directly installed. Construction is OK, very convenient.

 2, the advantages of the particle board

 Because the solid wood particle board retains most of the natural wood essence, the density is relatively high. Of course, its environmental performance is also very superior, and it is not easy to be deformed, and the processing performance is also very good.

 In fact, there is no difference between them. The melamine panels is a standardized product, which is in line with the needs of people nowadays. It is also very convenient to decorate. The melamine plywood is usually used as a substrate, so the main thing is to look at it. How do you want to decorate.

melamine ply board


    Second, what are the correct methods for purchasing plates?

  1. Look at the surface of the board for obvious defects.

 The surface of a good home decoration panel looks smooth, without burrs and cut knife marks. The board surface is clean and non-polluting. Therefore, when purchasing, choose the surface without cracks. The smaller the better, so as not to choose the plate that has been sand-permeable due to improper craftsmanship.

 2, must recognize the difference between thin wood veneer and natural wood veneer veneer

 The veneer of the veneer is basically straight texture, the texture pattern is very regular, and the natural wood veneer veneer is a natural wood pattern, and its texture pattern variability will be relatively large. There are no rules for the pattern.

 3, sheet appearance inspection The household sheet should have an aesthetic appearance. In addition to the uniform and delicate material, the color and pattern should be clear and beautiful. The seam between the flat and the board should be nearly parallel.

 4. The rubber layer structure of the plate should be stable, and the plate with low formaldehyde emission should be selected. The surface of the purchased sheet should not have the characteristics of bulging and delamination, and the irritating sheet, no matter how much cheaper, can not be bought, because the smell of the sheet is larger, indicating that the formaldehyde released by it is higher.

  Article Summary: About What is the practicality of the melamine ply board and the particle board? What are the correct methods for purchasing plates? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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