What Is The Melamine Wood? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Melamine Wood?

- Mar 19, 2019-

What Is Melamine ?

    Melamine, melamine resin medical name triaminotriazine, alias use melamine, cyanuramide, tripolyamide. using melamine is an vital nitrogen-heterocyclic natural chemical uncooked substances. The melamineformaldehyde resin chemical is often used to make plastics. glues and flame retardants. 

    Melamine products consists of nitrogen. which will increase the protein content of feed merchandise. making them appear to have better stages of protein for the duration. of ordinary inspections to enhance the best of feed. But melamine has no nutritional fee. 

    Melamine is a chemical banned in pet meals. and animal feed that could wide variety health risk kidney stones and dying in animals.

      Melamine formaldehyde is a thermosetting plastic.  (or thermoset) that strengthens as it heated during its preparation. Once set, it cannot remolded or set to form a different shape. Melamine formaldehyde plastics keep their strength. and shape, unlike other types of thermoplastics that soften with heat. and harden when cooled (such as acetate, acrylic and nylon).

disadvantages of melamine

    1, disadvantages of the melamine sheets are still few. but it is necessary to pay attention to two aspects. One is that the eco-board is very easy to break when cutting and sealing. so it is necessary to pay more attention when constructing. One aspect that needs attention is that due to the wide application of this kind of plate. there are a lot of products that have wash out in the market, and must identified. 

    When purchasing to ensure the quality of the plates. At present, the price of the melamine plates on the market is between 80-160 yuan. and the quality is poor between 40-70 yuan. and the formed melamine wood will generally be between 80-220 yuan

    2, Melamine board facet side crumble, in the fringe of the era of smart side, can not gongs. of course.  there's a more critical problem for human beings. it's far product of melamine plate furnishings environmental performance. in fact, on this appreciate all people is completely need no longer worry too much. now besides pure strong wooden furnishings. 

    Almost all the excessive-grade board kind fixtures is the participation of melamine plate. so do the most effective one reason. is can prevent the pollutants of formaldehyde for surroundings of preservatives. and melamine itself is solid, after curing nor loose formaldehyde. if any, and content is much less, air flow after many may cleared.

    3. melamine board manufacturers boast that their product is sustainable. because it makes use of waste wood or farms of fast growing hybrid trees that can't used in solid wood products. The reality is trees in the wild that are too young. or otherwise insufficient for solid wood use harvested for chipboard. leaving behind clear-cut areas that take decades to grow back

advantages of melamine

    1, one of the advantages of melamine is melamine products can imitate any sample. and color is brilliant, can used as a spread of synthetic board and wood veneer. warmth resistance, put on resistance.

    2, the melamine surface could be very smooth. easy to every day protection and cleansing furniture.

    3.The melamine price and value-effective. In comparison with strong wood, melamine wood has better performance in a few factors.


what is melamine

melamine wood

    what is melamine board?Melamine wood is also referred to as melamine laminates pressure laminate erase boards. stain resistant paint-loose board. ecological board, and some people call it a solid wood molding board.  melamine board, referred to as medium density. the industry decide upon to call the high pressure ecological board. the full call is melamine impregnated melamine resin paper veneer artificial board. 

    Its base cloth also is particleboard and medium fiber board. by base cloth and floor agglutinate and end up. the floor sticks a face to have homebred with the two varieties of front. due to the hard resin fact be, bypass fireplace prevention, combat put on. waterproof immerse processing, use impact is similar at compound timber floor.

    It is to have the paper of various coloration or grain to immersed in adhesive of three melamine resin. dry next to positive solidification degree. its save installed in wood grain particleboard, furniture veneer moistureproof board. medium density fiberboard, resin coating plywood,melamine sheets. or different tough fiberboard floor, via warm pressing. and end up cutting melamine adornment board.

what is melamine board used for

    The melamine wood has beautiful surface, convenient construction,wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. So the scope of application is still very much. Including the customization of office supplies. and the use of plates in home decorationmelamine furniture , like cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets. and the other.

melamine board furniture many applications commonly used:

    melamine laminate kitchen cabinets melamine sheets

    solid wood melamine furniture like: chair, table, cipboard. 

    also can be dry erase white boards furniture veneer

    laminate flooring wood products using melamine resin shatter resistant

    melamine panel soundproofing material wall panel 

Melamine wood Application


      Melamine is a synthetic material. that’s composed of different things, including wood particles, glue, resins. and even paper. Having a paper and resin finish means that melamine kitchen cabinets. are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. The colors they come in are usually solids, or come in many shades of faux wood grains.

       Melamine kitchen cabinets known for their attractiveness, durability, and affordability.

       The finish is often more consistent than solid wood grains. This is because melamine kitchen cabinets manufactured in a controlled environment


       The paper and resin finish makes them easier to clean.

        Resistant to heat, moisture, stains and dirt. Note: to enhance moisture resistance you must keep up maintenance on the outer finish.

     Now of course, like with all types of kitchen cabinets, there are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of.

      Heaviness: this could be a disadvantage because you might. need to upgrade your brackets for the heavier melamine kitchen cabinets. otherwise they might fall and damage your kitchen.

      Even though melamine kitchen cabinets made of synthetic materials, chipping can still occur. Unfortunately, chips look especially unattractive with melamine. and refinishing these chips can become very expensive.

       Extra care must taken during installation. Because of the heaviness of melamine kitchen cabinets, support is crucial during installation. It’s safer to hire a professional to do the installation. The risk of damages should be lower. Due to the unique inner structure of melamine, nails. and screws must installed to avoid splintering.

       These cabinets shouldn’t installed too to a sink or other water source. This is because melamine absorbs water very. and this can compromise the integrity of the internal structure. This means that if your melamine kitchen cabinets. keep getting wet over a period of time, they can start to swell. become musty, moldy, and difficult to close .

melamine shelves

       Melamine is a type of man-made wood manufactured from real woods. The weight of melamine may make it unfit for large or long shelves. as the shelf supports may need excessive overbuilding to distribute the weight . Natural woods may need extra shelf supports to stop cracking. but excessive weight is not an issue. so supports do not need extreme overbuilding.

       Natural, untreated woods do not release chemicals into the surrounding environment. and are better suited for indoor use than melamine because of this. Both materials are acceptable shelf building woods. but size and location of the shelf will likely play a role in determining which material to use.

what is melamine formaldehyde used for

    melamine formaldehyde may organized by using condensation polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde resins. which can utilized in urea formaldehyde thermosetting plastic and coatings enterprise. and can also used as anti-folding. and anti-shrinkage treating agent for fabric merchandise manufacturing process. Its changed resin can used as vibrant color, durable and difficult metallic coating. 

    Melamine formaldehyde resinis able to additionally used as strong. and warmth-resistant decorative sheeting wood products. moisture-evidence paper and grey leather-based tanning agent. melamine urea adhesive for artificial fireproof laminates. fixative or hardener for water-resistant agent, etc.

    Melamine resin surface coatings 582 high pressure became prepared from melamine. formaldehyde and butanol. Used as levelling agent for solvent - based polyurethane coating. the impact is excellent.

Is melamine toxic?

     Melamine is a kind of resin with high power and hardness. which has no volatile dangerous additives after curing. Melamine paste panel made of panel paper impregnated with melamine glue answer. and cured below excessive temperature and strain. So, melamine paste panel is pleasant. not so toxic

Environmental protection:

    Irrespective of what type of plank, use glue in production procedure. the plank after forming can launch unfastened formaldehyde due to this. but underneath certain concentration is innocent to human body. patron is in recognize plank satisfactory while. 

      what must be aware of most is the formaldehyde launch amount. that furniture vicinity uses plank. In line with country wide requirements. each one hundred grams of particleboard formaldehyde release quantity Environmental protection must be less than. or same to 30 mg. 

    Within the density board of E1 class every a hundred grams. formaldehyde launch quantity is much less than or equal to nine milligrams. In E2 grade medium density board, formaldehyde launched amount among 9 milligram. and forty milligram. This is to say. formaldehyde releases the board kind furnishings of quantity prep above preferred, unfavourable buy. 

       Client can ask the businessman to issue the detection. report of fixtures base material. so one can identify whether this index accords with the need.what is melamine wood?

disadvantages of melamine

melamine plywood home depot vs Yueshan Supplier

     melamine plywood home depot vs Yueshan. Yueshan Melamine is  particle board. laminated with a thermally fused paper/resin coating. to provide a durable hard surface. and  much   higher quality. Great for making cabinet carcases because it wipes clean .. Use it, as well, for shop fixtures or to make an cheap router-table top. Melamine is resistant to scratches, chemicals and staining.

     buy melamine on Yueshan, you can have  white melamine. black melamine Colors, our  real wood can used as  melamine boxes. custom kitchen  melamine doors. cabinet shop, we also have  power tools like  saw blade,  table saw do the  perfect cuts .

  Article Summary: About the advantages and disadvantages of the melamine wood? introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

disadvantages of melamine FAQ

advantages and disadvantages of melamine formaldehyde

      Melamine formaldehyde is stain-resistant and resistant to strong solvents and water.

      Melamine formaldehyde affected by alkalis and concentrated acids--such as sulphuric acid (H2SO4). and oxalic acid (H2C2O4). Melamine formaldehyde utensils are not microwave safe. They absorb radiation, which causes their polymer bonds to break down. and percolate toxins into the food. Melamine formaldehyde ingestion leads to kidney failure.

advantages and disadvantages of melamine plastic

       melamine plastic Easily coloured (unlike Phenolics).  Taste and odour free.  Good resistance to solvents - stain resistant in general. although dependent upon filler choice.  Electrical properties relatively unaffected by high humidity (unlike Phenolic).  Self-extinguishing.

      melamine plastic Inferior to Phenolic in dimensional stability in hot dry conditions.  More expensive than Urea or Phenolic.  Limited resistance to concentrated acids and alkalies.

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