What Is The Melamine Panels? What Is The Use Of The Melamine Panels?

- Mar 19, 2019-

What Is The Melamine Panels?

    Nowadays, many users tend to choose the original ecology when

 purchasing plates and furniture, which not only has better

 decoration, but also is more friendly to use. Among all kinds of plates, the melamine panels is very popular and loved by people. But for the melamine panels, there are still many people who don't understand. I don't know what is the melamine panels? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the melamine sheets. So what is the melamine sheet? Let's take a look at what is an melamine panels !

What is the melamine panels?


Although the plate is environmentally friendly, it actually belongs to a wood-based panel. Its characteristics are

 environmentally friendly, the texture is clear and natural, and it has good decoration. The eco-board is also known as the melamine

 board, which used in the fields of furniture, cabinet 

wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and the like. Ordinary melamine veneers have produced in China for the first time. They used for office furniture such as computer desks, monochrome. But not all boards can call melamine plywood. If the ecology and environmental protection

 are not up to E1, the E0 level cannot called the melamine panels.

    Advantages of melamine panels

    Relatively speaking, the advantages of such plates are still greater than the disadvantages. It is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The plates are also waterproof, anti-corrosive, insect-proof and mildew-proof. They do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. The color of the board can be arbitrarily matched, the installation is simple, it can be used directly without painting, and the color of the melamine board will not fade after a long time of use, so the eco-board becomes a material used in the decoration sheet for a long time.

    Disadvantages of melamine panels

    There are two main disadvantages. First, there are more counterfeit and shoddy products on the market. For laymen, it is easy to buy defective or inferior products. Therefore, we need to carefully identify when purchasing to ensure the quality of the purchased plates; Second, the melamine panels is prone to cracking when cutting and sealing, so we need to pay special attention to the processing, do not damage the board, reduce the waste rate of materials.

 Use of melamine board

    Use of melamine board

    Because this sheet is easy to construct, environmentally friendly, and has good wear and scratch resistance, its scope of application is still relatively wide. The melamine board is mainly used in the fields of furniture, cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc. The eco-board can also be used for customization of office supplies, such as cabinet wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, etc., which can be made using melamine panels.

    Article Summary: About What is the melamine panels? What is the use of the melamine panels?

  introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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