What Is The Melamine Board Price List? How To Choose Melamine Board ?

- Mar 19, 2019-

melamine board prices

      melamine baord prices is different based on the:

main content  formaldehyde emission standards( e1 e2 e0).   indoor outdoor use.  melamine impregnated paper  wood products or  plain mdf. mdf size( 18mm mdf differ from 16mm mdf). 

 Bunny  technology wood co.  melamine board solid wood block board E0 grade 17mm thick price is about 250 yuan per block. melamine sheets color( white melamine differ from  black melamine. order qty( 1000 pieces  or  cubic meter.  mdf wood texture(  high gloss or matt).  free shipping or not. Following  mdf price is for your ref:

 Ming melamine paint free board particle board core E1 grade . 1525 *2440 * 18mm  melamine laminated mdf  price is about 270 yuan per block.

 sunway  wood industry  ecological paint free board. Malacca solid wood core board walnut  melamine mdf. 1220 * 2440 * 17mm price is about 750 yuan per block.

 The top 100 plate melamine sheets 18mm thick solid wood fir Malacca. E0 furniture melamine board price. is about 250 yuan per block.

 Penghong   trading co melamine sheet E0 Grade. furniture free paint plate 18mm thick  faced mdf.  The  melamine shelves price is about 300 yuan.

 Millennium   international trading boat aldehyde-free grade Imported solid wood multi layer ecological board. Wardrobe sheet 18mm thick Environmental laminated mdf certification . The price is about 300 yuan.

The above  wood fiber  melamine prices are from the network and are for reference only.

melamine board prices

Melamine sheets information

melamine shelving / melamine shelf
Sizes6mm/9mm/12mm/16mm. lamina mdf 18mm
Color white, black, walnut veneer mdf 18mm

white melamine sheets

      Melamine White Panel is ideal for making cabinet carcass. desk tops, closets, store fixtures and furniture. Easy to maintain and clean. white melamine sheets wipes clean easily. and is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and staining.

melamine shelving

lamina mdf  selection

      When we buy the melamine panel, we can check whether its surface is smooth and flat. The surface of the high-quality ecological board is bright. and colorful. and there will be no fading, blistering, deformation, etc., and its edge treatment is tight. 

We can observe the sheet at a 45 degree angle in the darker light, whether it has unevenness. and whether its stitching line is obvious.

      The high-quality melamine panels has the advantages of wear resistance and dirt resistance. When we buy a product, we can use the key to scratch the surface of the product to see if it has scratches. We can also apply it to the eco-board with a grease pen, etc. After a while, see if it can wiped off.

     When we buy the melamine board. we can tap the various parts of the melamine boardand listen to whether there is a difference in its sound. We can also pick up one end of the melamine boards. If you hear a creaking sound, it means that the board is not glued .

    When we buy the sheet, we also need to look at its environmental performance. We can smell the pungent smell of the board. and check whether the board has environmental certification. We should buy the board with E1 grade or above. Generally, the qualified plate affixed with anti counterfeiting trademarks, inspection and stamping information.

melamine boards suppliers

      Yueshan melamine boards supply a lower cost alternative to plastic laminate. The decorative paper faces saturated with melamine resin . and then thermally fused to a substrate using heat and pressure. The paper face permanently bonds to the board with no possibility of delamination. Melamine interiors are stain resistant and extremely durable, requiring no sanding or finish. This makes them a great addition to entertainment centers. laundry rooms, mudrooms, home offices and workshop tables. as the slick surface makes it easy to move heavy assemblies. 

     Fore more inquiry, pls contact Yueshan

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