What Is The Difference Between Plywood And Multi-layer Board?

- Apr 03, 2019-

At present, there are many kinds of plates on the market, among which plywood and multi-layer boards are the plates we often use in our lives. So what is the difference between plywood and multi-layer board? What are the advantages and disadvantages of plywood? The following article will introduce you to everyone.

modern style plywood kitchen

What is plywood?

The base material of the plywood is wood and formed into a veneer or a thin wood cut from wood, and laminated into three or more layers by a special adhesive.

Plywood used in furniture, construction, transportation and other fields, which improves the use rate of wood and can save wood.

What is a multi-layer board?

Multi-layer boards, also known as three-layer board or three-layer plywood,which are a type of board that we often use in furniture making. The multi-layer board also belongs to an artificial board, which is a board combines a set of veneers to each other in the direction of wood grain. It has the advantages of light weight, good quality and excellent elasticity and toughness. Thus, it used in our home improvement.

What is the disparity between them?

Although their names are different, they actually belong to the same sheet. Multilayer boards are actually a type of plywood. Plywood made by pressing three or more layers of solid wood veneers. They only have some differences in the manufacturing process, and the other aspects are the same.

solid wood plywood

What are the advantages of plywood?


    1. Light texture, natural texture, high strength, not easy to deform


    2. Plywood is not prone to warping, and its tensile strength and bending performance  are excellent.


    3, the board is complete, the price is low.


What Are Defects Of Plywood?


   1. The surface of the plywood is porous. If it placed outdoors for too long, it will become wet and heavy.


   2. The plywood is not completely dried or the production process is poor, and it is prone to deformation.


   3. plywood added glue in the production process, will release a certain amount of formaldehyde.


The above is about the difference between plywood and multi-layer board,and the related advantages and disadvantages of plywood. I hope that everyone can have a certain understanding of the board, so that everyone can choose the sheet products that they  satisfied with.

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