What Is The Classification Of Plywood?

- Mar 23, 2019-

It's my pleasure to introduce the classification of plywood for

 you.let us know more about it by learning its sorts.Hoping the following mentioned it might be helpful to you.

The ply board is also called ply-sheet. The logs cut into large sheets along the annual rings by steaming and softening. After drying, finishing, gluing, blanking, hot pressing and sawing. The number of layers of wood chips should be an odd number. The bonding time should be such that the fibers of adjacent wood chips are

 perpendicular to each other. 

1、Ply wood's grade

The ply sheets has special grades, first class, second class, third class, etc., 4 grades. The specifications of the sheets are 2440mm long and 1220mm wide. The thickness of the sheet of different specifications is different, but it is usually a multiple of 3. 


2、Plywood's layer

The plywood is divided into threefive nine twelvefifteen and eighteen layers.From the material: Liu press wood, poplar, ice candy, white cloud incense, mountain sweet-scented flowers, etc., from the sheet glue synthesis number can be divided into: three-layer thick core board, multi-layer core board.

plysheet furniture

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