What Is The Best Material To Make Wardrope?

- Apr 02, 2019-

Nowadays, it is very popular to decorate the house with wooden cabinets on the walls of the bedroom. These wooden cabinets are mainly made of two materials, one is plywood and the other is blockboard. Here I will introduce to you :The best material to make wardrope,Plywood or blockboard?

white plyboard use in kitchen

What Is A Plywood?

Plywood panels based on three or more layers of criss-crossing. It  formed by gluing with a resin and formed by hot press processing, so it is also called plywood. It uses a high-temperature surface to make the texture more delicate and smooth, and characterized by small deformation, high strength, good internal quality (small hole after cutting, no delamination), good flatness and so on.

What is a blockboard?

The blockboard is a plywood with a solid wood core. It's production process is to cut the wood into strips, then splicing into a core, and finally the outer facing material is formed by processing. It's vertical (differentiated by the direction of the core sheet) has poor bending strength, but the transverse bending strength is higher. It's advantages are good grip strength, high strength, with strong quality, sound absorption, and low moisture content.

Generally speaking, there are three aspects to pay attention to when making a wardrobe. One is environmental protection, the second is practicality, and the third is price. Below, we will compare them in these three aspects.

What’s the difference of them?

ply sheet

(1)Environmental aspects.

Because the multi-layer solid wood board uses more glue, there is no environmental protection of it. However, after high temperature treatment and PVC edge sealing, the amount of formaldehyde released can reach the national standard, and most can reach the E1 level. The environmental protection factor of the melamine blockboard is relatively strong.

(2)Practical aspects.

The multi-layer solid wood board is formed by pressing a multi-layered veneer, so the structural stability is very good. It has the advantages of being not easily deformed, waterproof and stable. The good quality of the blockboard is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to warp and deform, accompanied by high strength and low moisture content. However, it is less resistant to moisture and should be avoided in kitchens.


For the same brand and thickness of the board, the blockboard is cheaper than the multi-layer solid wood board, which the more layers of the multi-layer solid wood board, the more expensive.

From the above comparison of plywood vs blockboard, the user needs to make a judicious and rational choice depending upon your budget.I hope to help you,please feel free to check www.yspanel.com.to discover our entire product.

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