What Is Particle Board, Multi-layer Board, Ecological Board?How To Choose The Board That Suits Yourself?

- Mar 26, 2019-

  What Is Particle Board, Multi-Layer Board And Ecological Board?


 Particle board - can understood, is a sheet formed by wood slag through high temperature and high pressure of glue


 Multi-layer board - a board of wood that pressed by many layers of thin wood


 Ecological board (knuckle solid wood)----many small wooden blocks, combined into a plate

What is particle board, multi-layer board, ecological board?


 What Is The Pros And Cons Of Several Kinds Of Plates


(1) particle board


 Advantages: cheap, mass consumption, ordinary families will choose


 Disadvantages: the environmental performance is low, the board can not shaped, can not walk on the board


(2) Multilayer sheet


 Advantages: environmental protection is higher than particle board, and can shaped at the same time


 Disadvantages: high price


How To Choose The Board That Suits Yourself


 From the price point of view: preferred particle board


 From the perspective of environmental performance:

you can choose multi-layer solid wood or knuckle solid wood.


How to choose the board that suits yourself?

 What Is The Problem That Should To Pay Attention To When Choosing ?


 (1) Selecting the plate not only needs to consider the substrate, but also needs to consider the problem of the veneer.

 Whether there is a shape, the plate itself will affect the surface shape and the problem of the veneer, so it is necessary to consider


 (2) The  imported and domestic particle board produced by

large factories and small factories, so the price is different


 (3) The way to calculate the area needs attention, most of them  based on the projected area,

and some will calculate according to the expanded area.


 (4) When talking about the price, you must confirm with the merchant with the package


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