What Is Chipboard ? How To Select And Maintenance Chipboard

- Aug 15, 2019-

What Is Chipboard 

     Chipboard is a thick fiber paper that made from recycled paper. It is like cardboard and is a non-corrugated cardboard, so it is not hollow. In scrapbooking. It used to make scrapbook pages that held together with ribbon or binder rings. Then you decorate the entire page, no book needed as the chipboard pieces make up the pages. 

     Chipboard is one paper stock that is widely misunderstood. Paper converting experts receive a lot of questions about its use and application. People often reach out wanting to order chipboard for a particular project. Before understanding this type of paper or how to best use it.

     Chipboard is a very versatile paper stock that can converted for a variety of uses. From industrial and commercial to crafting and hobbies.

     Chipboard made by gluing layers. And fragments of recycled paper together to form a larger piece of material. The adhesive applied using heat and pressure. This insures the material becomes rigid and feels smooth to the touch. The thickness of the chipboard ranges from very thin to very thick. Chipboard is inexpensive and easy to produce and use.

    Thin chipboard used in manufacturing product packaging. Cereal boxes are an example of this chipboard. Thicker chipboard used as the backing for notepads, book construction and shirt boxes.

     Thicker, more much chipboard  used for flooring and countertops. This chipboard  made from. Bonding small pieces of wood together instead of the thinner paper option. Chipboard can also covered in a veneer or laminate and used to make furniture.

    Scrapbooking and crafting has embraced chipboard in recent years also. The chipboard used by scrapbookers is able to painted, inked, cut and glued. Since the chipboard embellished.  It is also used to make alphabet letters, die-cuts and shapes.

Chipboard destroyed when it comes in contact with water. So a protective covering should used if necessary.

Chipboard  composition

      Chipboard made by gluing layers. And fragments of recycled paper together to form a larger piece of material. The adhesive applied using heat and pressure. This insures the material becomes rigid and feels smooth to the touch. The thickness of the chipboard ranges from very thin to very thick. Chipboard is inexpensive and easy to produce and use.

 chip board features

    It isn’t the same as cardboard. While chipboard is very like cardboard, it is not corrugated like cardboard. Thus, it’s not hollow like cardboard is.  

     There are many different densities. Chipboard ranges in thickness.

   The backside of a legal pad of paper is one common example of lower-density chipboard. while hardback book covers are an example of a thicker density. Floor board. which used to protect floor surfaces from paint, mud, water, driven machinery. Foot traffic, blunt force impacts. And more, is an example of one of the highest-density types of this paper stock. 

     It can used to protect a variety of surfaces and thus is useful around all types of job sites.

      It’s used to make floors, furniture, and countertops. Besides to acting as floorboard for protection. Chipboard can also used to make permanent surfaces, including flooring, countertops, and furniture. The thickest forms of chipboard ae made by bonding small pieces of wood. Rather than paper  together. And are so extremely durable. Chipboard provides an affordable alternative to wood and concrete. In the construction of furniture, it can covered with veneer or laminate. And it’s much less expensive than solid wood.

      It’s a great crafting and scrapbooking tool. There is no end to the way chipboard can used for creative projects and crafting. In scrapbooking, it can used to create thickness and texture on pages. Or to create cut-outs including letters and shapes. It can also used on it's own to make picture frames or other decorations. Because it is more sturdy than construction paper and more dense than cardboard. it can also painted on or covered with paper or fabric. There are endless ways chipboard can help you bring your projects to life.

Chipboard  thicknesses

        Chipboard, also referred to as “Paper board”, is cardboard made of recycled paper that’s mashed up and put back together. It is very cheap and can cut, glued, inked, stamped, painted and more making it a perfect choice for crafting. Most chipboard is brown with some speckles running through it. This referred to as Kraft chipboard. 

      You may also run across chipboard made out of newspaper which will be a grey color. You also may find “clay coated” chipboard which is chipboard but with a thin white coating of clay over it. Chipboard can also refer to wood sheets made of recycled wood often used in construction. So make sure you are looking at the right stuff!

     Now on to deciphering thicknesses. Chipboard measured in inches and the bigger the number is the thicker the chipboard is. So when you see chipboard that is 0.022 thick that is 0.022 inches. You may also see it referred to in “points” such as “22 point chipboard” this is also 0.022 inches thick. 0.022 caliper is also 0.022 inches. Seems silly to have all those ways of saying it doesn’t it? Don’t shoot the messenger though! To summarize:

     22 point = 0.022 caliper = 0.022’’ they are all the same thickness said in different ways.


      That you know what thickness the chipboard is, how do you know what thickness you want? Here I’ll provide you with a few “benchmark” thicknesses to help you get an idea of what you want.

    0.022’’ thick – This is the thickness of a standard cereal box. It is thin and flimsy but cuts like butter.

      0.032’’ thick – This is about the thickness of a credit card. It has more rigidness to it than a cereal box but still is bendable and will cut .

     0.05’’ thick – This is about the thickness of a penny. It is thicker chipboard and a popular thickness for scrapbooking needs. It is stiff though still bendable; it will need many passes to cut

     0.068’’ thick – This is about the thickness of a nickel. This thickness is teetering on as thick as you can cut on the Inspiration. If you want to use this thick of chipboard prepared to do several passes and stick to simple shapes.

Chipboard  weight

      Because of its weight. Chipboard cannot attached with the same glue stick a person. Would use for attaching other elements to a scrapbook layout. To add it to a project, the crafter will need to use either a strong double-sided tape or glue dots. Some pre-made embellishments do come with adhesive already applied. And in this case, the backing can peeled off,  like any other scrapbooking sticker.

      Aside from creating scrapbook layouts. Chipboard embellishments can also used to add interest to handmade greeting cards. Or home decor projects. For example, crafters can try making their own refrigerator magnets. By adhering a magnetic strip to the back of a favorite shape. Chipboard embellishments,can also glued to a painted canvas to make customized wall art. Or added to the edges of a plain wooden picture frame to create a one-of-kind accent piece for a room.


what is chipboard


Chipboard Advantages: 

      Particle board surface flat, and environmentally friendly. Board furniture wood texture main advantage is realistic, beautiful and durable. Wood furniture can be a variety of veneer processing. Uniform bulk density, small thickness error. Quality solid small amount of glue used in the production process. So the environmental protection factor is high. The board advantages graininess of the internal cross staggered wood particle structure makes. It's performance the same in all directions. with good transverse bearing force and sound absorption and sound insulation performance.

Chipboard Disadvantages: 

    Decorative laminates wood product has two sides. Natural woodhas both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of particleboard is that. It is not easy to cut due to its internal granular structure. And it is easy to cause the phenomenon of sharp teeth when cutting the board. Thus, it requires high requirements for some technological processing equipment. And wood veneer not suitable forwood chips production. The edge of particleboard is rough, very easy to absorb moisture. as furniture edge exposed part will take corresponding edge sealing treatment to prevent deformation.

particle board price

MFC development

      The chipboard or particle board product is not generally very durable. But it does have some common uses in a lot of different consumer products. Those manufacturing products with chipboard often cover it with a veneer. That has the hard property that consumers associate with wood. As well as a synthetic wood grain appearance.Besides providing an attractive surface. The veneer also help shield the chipboard from moisture. The chipboard or particle board product is vulnerable to swelling. And discoloration when exposed to moisture.

     MFC can used for furniture or other retail products. It developed as an alternative to plywood. Today, chipboard or particle board has become associated with low value, but in the times. When this product was first manufactured. It was often more expensive than similar wooden installations.

      New engineering has produced lots of improvements in the durability of particle board. and the efficiency of manufacturing this product to provide companies like Ikea. And similar retail outlets with furniture and goods for the consumer market.

Chipboard Sheets Maintenance


1. The ground on which particle board furniture placed. Must be flat with four legs balanced on the ground. If furniture put, often in a rocking motion state of instability. Time will make a joint falls off or fasteners, binding part of the craze. So on effect use effect and reduce the useful service life of furniture. Besides, if the ground soft furniture imbalance. Also don't use wood or iron mat furniture legs, so even if the balance. it is hard to force uniform, long term damage furniture interior structure. The compensation method is to trim the ground. Or use a larger area of the hard rubber spread in the south, to make smooth furniture legs on the ground.

2, In the dust removal of particleboard furniture is better to use cotton knitted cloth. And then use fine soft wool brush to remove the dust in depression or embossed decoration. The furniture that passes paint processing. Avoid wiped with gasoline or organic dissolvent. polish candle of usable colorless furniture wiped to enhance burnish to reduce dust.

3. The furniture should placed in a good position and should not exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent sunlight will make the paint film of the furniture fade. Summer is better with curtain shade insolation, to protect furniture.

4,  To maintain indoor humidity, do not let the furniture damp. In the spring and autumn use of humidifier should limit the time to prevent excessive humidity damage to furniture. Such as wood decay, metal corrosion, adhesive parts easy to open out of glue. At ordinary times clean furniture to use less water as far as possible. Need avoid to use caustic water more, appropriate use twist the wet cloth of net moisture to wipe only. Wipe clean with dry cloth after that.

What is chipboard FAQ

what is chipboard paper

    Chipboard is often constructed from recycled paper (not wood. as the name might suggest). that has layered and pressed into a variety of thicknesses. Chipboard used for die cutting projects, in scrapbooking materials (like those funky. raised letters and designs you use to decorate pages), as envelope stiffeners. and even on the backs of marbled notebooks and notepads.

    Chipboard is generally made from reclaimed or recycled paper. Chipboard made by gluing layers and fragments of recycled paper together. to form a larger piece of material.

what is chipboard made of

      Chipboard is an engineered wood product made from wood waste. To transform chipboard from wood waste into a usable product requires several steps. During the manufacturing process. Saw dust and wood chips that produced. During the manufacture of other wood products are the raw materials. Used for manufacturing chipboard. Chipboard is a recycled material. Made by gluing little tiny pieces of ground up paper together. The pieces of paper glued together under pressure and heat. So that the chipboard becomes smooth. 

what is chipboard used for

     Chipboard used by scrapbookers to embellish their projects. 

     Chipboard is often used for kitchen tops (which laminated with melamine). And fire doors. 

     Chipboard is a popular material for use in crafts because it's thin yet durable and versatile. Chipboard can used to make mounting boards on which to display work 

     Chipboardcan used for a projects such as furniture accents or model airplanes. 

      Chipboard with a veneered surface. Is widely used for flat-pack furniture and work surfaces.

       Chipboard is often used as the carcass for kitchen units and worktops and flooring. 

what is chipboard for scrapbooking


      Chipboard work great for scrapbooking projects. You may wish to stretch your creative muscles by completing a chipboard mini album. These fun books are available in many unique shapes. Including hearts, stars.

    Chipboard mini albums work well for scrapbooking baby showers. Weddings, vacations, birthdays, and other special events. They are also great gifts for your non-scrapbooking friends and family members. The process of creating a layout for a chipboard mini album is the same as making any other scrapbook page. But, since chipboard albums don’t have plastic page protectors. You will want to make sure you use a strong adhesive to keep all your elements secured to the page.

where to buy chipboard

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