What Is An Laminate Covered Mdf? What's The Laminate Covered Mdf Used For?

- Apr 08, 2019-


 In fact, many people do not know what the real laminate covered mdf is? We all agree.

 In Fact, Many People Do Not Know What The Real Laminate Covered Mdf Is? We All Agree.


 I regard building materials as the senior practitioner of plank bound, tell you what is true zoology board now, what is zoology board after all?


 The rise of laminate covered mdf originated from melamine board, paint-free board

 Is there any difference between laminate covered mdf and paint-free board


What is an laminate covered mdf?

 Secondly, the production technology and flow of laminate covered mdf


 The laminate covered mdf process has two important steps - the raw material acquisition and the melamine surface paving.


 The raw material of laminate covered mdf refers to the base material of laminate covered mdf. Generally, the base material of laminate covered mdf is multi-layer solid wood, such as malacca, fir and poplar. Malacca depends on imports, malacca flatness is very good, but the texture is soft, nail holding force is general. Chinese fir is a very high quality base material, but due to the lack of raw materials, in short supply. Poplar also is good base material, also have use.


 The following introduces the production process of laminate covered mdf and the process of melamine finish.


 Laminate covered mdfs are usually made by hot pressing and gluing in large hydraulic presses. Steam is the main heating medium, but some use hot water or hot oil. The hot press is multi-layer, with 5-25 (as many as 70) opening, large format pressure plate size up to 1.5*3m, for full veneer type laminate covered mdf, 1.8m*5.0m for sandwich type laminate covered mdf, according to the thickness of the board and opening height, each layer can place one or two plywood. There are two methods of loading plates into a hot press: manual and automatic operation. Most factories use automatic loading machines (and unloading machines).

 Third, the advantages and disadvantages of laminate covered mdf

Environmental protection plate, what are the advantages, and what are the advantages? If you want to decorate, if you want a sweet home, will understand these knowledge of zoology board so .


What's the laminate covered mdf used for?

 Advantages of laminate covered mdf


   1,Paint-free laminate covered mdf is a paint-free composite material, green and , and the material does not contain formaldehyde


    2, smooth appearance, beautiful surface, elegant color


 3, paint-free, non-toxic, moisture-proof, flame retardant, non-volatile odor


 The disadvantages of laminate covered mdf

 1. The process of cutting and sealing requires high requirements, otherwise it is easy to break the appearance. Of course, there are also products on the market to solve this problem, such as king coconut sealing edge strip.


    2. It is impossible to sculpt and difficult to complete the relievo type modeling. The laminate covered mdf is already a finished product with decorative surface treatment and no other process is needed.


 3, the market laminate covered mdf products are uneven, the price disparity, a variety of low quality non-solid wood laminate covered mdf pretend to be high quality laminate covered mdf.

 How to purchase laminate covered mdf?

 The important point that measures laminate covered mdf is price, the price of real wood laminate covered mdf is cheap


 The important point that measures laminate covered mdf stand or fall sees whether to have a mark. chose the white laminate covered mdf for home decoration, anti-counterfeiting, environmental certification brand is very important


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