What Are The Varieties Of Coated Chipboard Sheets?

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coated chipboard

     Pasted Chipboard made with recycled paper which pressed into rigid solid non-bending fiberboard. then laminated to achieve thickness. The lamination process makes the board very strong and rigid. The Pasted Chipboard  recycled fiber we use made with old corrugated cartons. newspapers and office waste. Because of the recycled fibers the color can vary from a golden brown to a flat gray. 

     coated chipboard Sand and other heavy impurities. removed from the raw material before the chipboard produced. guaranteeing a board that is clean and consistent in quality. High-quality chipboard is easy to machine and won’t damage saw blades. Blades that are in good condition cut board better. and bring savings in equipment maintenance.  furniture boards classified in the best finishing material emission class M1.

poly coated chipboard

       protective packaging is the cost efficient replacement. for applications currently using poly coated chipboard. or SBS stock for protective packaging in shipment and materials handling.

      poly coated chipboard packaging has a low coefficient of friction . and reduces damage to labels. Its high heat resistance prevents products from sticking to partitions. and its superior strength improves quality and shipping durability. Plus, it is completely repulpable and recyclable.

clay coated chipboard

        Clay Coated News is a recycled boxboard, coated on one side to create a smooth white surface for printing. It made from recycled newspapers and old corrugated cartons (OCC). This product is a packet of 25 sheets of 11 inch wide by 17 inch long and 24pt thick paperboard. 24pt is 24 thousands of an inch or about the thickness of 6 sheets of copier paper. Clay Coated News is great for making folding cartons, posters and craft projects. This product has a basis weight of 96 and a M weight of 11#/MS which means that 1000 sheets weights 11 pounds.

melamine faced chipboard  application

     This inexpensive rigid board is often used for book covers. toll free set up boxes, furniture manufacturing, packaging. and any other application when a inexpensive, rigid board required solid bleached. Pasted Chipboard is a 100% recycled paperboard. white melamine chipboard is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. Ideal for wide range of applications including loose-leaf binders. sample books, pad backs, photo albums, picture frame backs, scrapbooks. packaging, folding cartons, set up boxes, separator slip sheets, furniture. POP displays, game boards, puzzles and posters.

      furniture boards have a wear-resistant melamine coating that guarantees pleasing structures. and furnishings for kitchens. shops and different types of furniture that last year after year. Melamine-coated chipboard is easy to machine. which makes the production of furniture fast and reliable. Besides, melamine-coated furniture is moisture resistant and easy to keep clean.  boards manufactured in strength grades P2 and P5, depending on the desired thickness.


Other chipboard Types

kraft paper coated paperboard

     one Types of chipboard is kraft base (brown) and news base (grey) chip. kraft boardcan also supply both of those grades with a clay coating. kraft board white one side (vat white) or white 2 side chipboard. 

linerboard  recycled board

      100% recycled linerboard (made from recycled corrugated) and 100% virgin kraft linerboard. Basis weights range from 20# to 69#.  recycled paperboard produce a poly coated linerboard for moisture barrier, food and medical paperboard products packaging materials.


      rolls and sheets of SBS (solid bleached sulphate) board in calipers from 0.008" up 0.028". Clay coated one or two side as well as poly coated one or two side grades are readily available. SBS is used in a variety of applications ranging from graphics, printing, signage to food and medical packaging. It is also acid free and will not degrade over time.

poly coating Board

      one or two side polyethylene or polypropylene coating on any of our board grades. Coatings levels also offer  custom designed for any application (ranging from 5# to 35# on one or two sides). Coating types are LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, and PP.  custom size laminations of films and foils to board.

Pasted Chipboard

      When one ply of pasted chip is just not enough,  pasted (or laminated) chipboard. Pasted chip caliper ranges from 0.080" to 0.50".


coated chipboard

Types of  wood

Solid Wood Board

 As the name suggests, solid wood panels are wood panels made from complete wood. These plates are durable and natural, making them the perfect choice for decoration. But, due to the high cost of such panels and the high construction process requirements. there are few uses in the decoration. Solid coated chipboard sheets are generally classified. according to the physical name of the board

wood veneer Splint

 The splint, also known as plywood, known as a thin core board. It made of three or more layers of one-millimeter thick veneer or sheet adhesive. It is the most used material for hand-made furniture. The splint is generally divided into three specifications of 3 PCT, 5 PCT, 9 PCT, 12 PCT, 15 PCT and 18 PCT (1 PCT is 1 mm).

Decorative Panel

 Decorative panel, known as the panel. It is a decorative sheet with a single-sided decorative effect,

which made by cutting the solid wood board into a thin veneer with a thickness of about 0.2 mm. and using a splint as a base material. It is a special way of presenting splints and has a thickness of 3 cm. Decorative panels  is currently different from blending practices.


 Blockboard, known as the large core board. The large core board made of two pieces of veneer in the middle of the veneer. The price of the large core board is cheaper than that of the thin core board. and its vertical direction. (differentiated by the core material direction) is inferior to the bending strength,

 but the transverse bending strength is high.

Particle Board

 Particleboard is a thin sheet made of wood scrap as the main raw material. then added with glue and the additive pressed. According to the pressing method. it can divided into two types. extruded particle board and flat pressed particle board. The main advantage of this type of sheet is that it is cheap. The shortcomings are also obvious: the strength is poor. It is generally not suitable to make furniture with larger or mechanical requirements.


 MDF, also known as fiberboard. It made of lignocellulosic or other plant fiber. and the artificial board made of urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive. divided into high-density board, medium-density board and low-density board according to its density. MDF is also easy to rework due to its soft and impact resistant properties. In foreign countries,

 MDF is a good material for making furniture. but because the national standards for height plates are several times. lower than international standards, the quality of MDF use in China needs to  improved.

Fire Board

 The fireproof board is a decorative board made of a silicon material or a calcium material. as a main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials. lightweight aggregates, binders and chemical additives, and subjected to autoclaving technology. It is a new type of material that is being used more and more, and its use is not only due to fire prevention. The construction of fireproof board has higher requirements for sticking glue. and the price of fireproof board with better quality. is more expensive than decorative panel. The thickness of the fireproof board is generally 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm.

Melamine Board

 Melamine board, the full name is melamine impregnated film paper veneer wood-based panel. It is a decorative board which made by immersing paper with different colors or textures in:

melamine resin adhesive,drying it to a certain degree of curing,

paving it on the surface of particleboard. medium density fiberboard or hardboard, and hot pressing. The melamine board is a wall decoration material. It is not suitable to use melamine board counterfeit composite flooring. for floor decoration.

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