What is the best raw materials use to produce plywood?

- Apr 09, 2019-

What Is Plywood?

The solid ply board made of three or more layers of veneer or thin wood veneer. It anengineered wood from the family of manufactured boards includes MDF and partical board. The board is generally divided into hardwood and softwood plywood . The specifications are 1 mm. Plywood made from thin layers of wood shaved from logs. The layers, called veneers, orientated the grain of one layer opposes the grain of the layers above and below.

The opposing grain directions make plywood a stable product resists warping,expands and contracts with temperature and humidity changes. Manufacturers orientate the layers, add glue and apply pressure and heat to form the finished product.

what is plywood

What Is The Raw Materials ?

1.The raw materials made of Eucalyptus wood core material and some of them produced of high-quality Finnish birch plywood, which has the advantages of physical properties. Such as gloss without special odor, staggered texture, coarse structure, uniform weight, fading, dirt, abrasion resistance, quick installation and beautiful appearance.

2. The solid wood multi-layer board adopts the Eucalyptus wood as the ore material, and the Eucalyptus wood has the comprehensive physical properties. Such as high hardness, high toughness, good seismic performance, corrosion resistance and good steam bending performance. This is the most used material for custom-made wardrobes and hand-made furniture.

plywood used Manufacturing Process ?

 Paint surface and veneer "melamine" is one of the resin adhesives used in the manufacture of Eucalyptus wood panels. It refers to the paper with different colors or textures soaked in the resin, and then dried to a certain degree of curing on the multi-layer board.

plywood raw material

plywood sheets Advantages:

(1) The E0 environmental protection grade has the advantages of anti-deformation technology, structural optimization characteristics, and beautiful appearance.

(2) Each sheet of E0 environmental protection grade has E0 standard, which can meet your stringent requirements for healthy home.

(3) Innovative net aldehyde antibacterial technology adopts the net aldehyde antibacterial technology on the basis of meeting the E0 standard. Implants the nano silicon titanium self-cleaning agent on the surface of the impregnated paper. And then has the adsorption and decomposition of free formaldehyde in the indoor air and has Antibacterial function.

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