What Are The Melamine Faced Board?What Are The Top Ten Brands Of Melamine Faced Board?

- Mar 19, 2019-

    With the development of society. people's awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher. especially in the aspect of home decoration, everyone is striving to make the living environment more friendly. At present. the environmental protection ecological board market favored by the owners. but there are many brands of melamine faced board on the market, so we can't buy and try to buy a ecological board. So what are the ecological boards? Let's take a look at the top ten brands' eco-board rankings with Xiaobian.

What are the melamine faced board?

First, The Top Ten Brands Melamine Faced Board Ranking - YUESHAN


    Established in 1997, Yueshan specializes in the research and development. and sales of building materials and household products. The company's research and development. and marketing of friendly materials is leading in China.


Second, The Top Ten Brands Ecological Board Ranking - YISHANG


    Founded in 1993, YISHANG produces plates, hardware, coatings and other products. as well as modern eco-home enterprises that integrate finance, real estate, R&D and sales.


Third, The Top Ten Brands Of Melamine Plywood Ranking - Moganshan


    Moganshan  built in 1995. The company has grown from forest cultivation to production. plywood, flooring and other decorative materials. It is also a one-stop processing base for finished furniture. The company has become the largest and still the largest in China. One of the most influential friendly decorative materials companies.


Fourth, The Top Ten Brands Of Melamine Sheets Ranking - Bunny


 The rabbit built in 1993. The company has developed into a influential interior decoration service provider from a monotonous decorative veneer production company. Its company's product sales network is not only spread all over the country. but its products are also sold all over the world.


Five, Ten Brands Of Melamine Panels Ranking - Millennium Boat


 The Millennium Boat built in 1999. The company produces blockboards, wardrobes, wooden doors and other materials. The millennium boat produces all kinds of plates. and now also introduces paint glue, hardware and other products.

What are the top ten brands of melamine faced board?


Six, Top Ten Brands Melamine Sheets Ranking - Dawang Coconut


 Established in 2000, Dawang Coconut is a diversified group of R&D, sales and service. It also provides consumers with paint-free panels. 3D solid wood panels and other products.


Seven, Top Ten Brands Melamine Faced Board Ranking - Xueling


 Founded in 1997, Xueling has always adhered to a simple. low-key and relaxed lifestyle, pursuing a true friendly and elegant lifestyle.


Eight, Ten Brands Of Melamine Faced Board Rankings - Vientiane


 Built in 1999, Vientiane has a solid product quality. and advanced environmental protection concept. At the same time, it also has a professional service level that loved by consumers.


Nine, Ten Brands Melamine Faced Board Ranking - Albert


 Weiye founded in 1999. After decades of hard work, the company has won many honors, among. which it has rated as one of the top ten brands of China's plate and the top ten brands of comprehensive strength.


Ten, Top Ten Brands Melamine Faced Board Ranking - Germany's Top 100


 The top 100 German companies established in 2009. The company adheres to the rigorous and demanding quality. making every product like art. It has always strived to build an international high-end environmental brand.


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What are the melamine faced board?What are the top ten brands of melamine faced board? introduced here to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget. but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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