What Are The Laminated Chipboard Shelving Sizes? How To Identify The Laminated Chipboard Shelving?

- Apr 02, 2019-

 laminated chipboard sheets 


      Engineered wood chipboard lamination means covering chipboards. With paperbased films saturated with melamine resins. Under high temperature (up to 240 degrees) and pressure (up to 30 kg/sm2) the resin melts and squeezes out of the film. During  melamine laminated process the film glued to the chipboard's surface. And the polymerized resin gives the surface the properties of thermosetting plastic. Which  is very resistant to mechanical and chemical impact.Laminated chipboard sheets  also called  particle board, it also have  board osb, oriented strand board,or  slab structure  boards.

      Laminated furniture from  laminated particle,is the best alternative to  pressure laminate  wood furniture. Laminated chipboard is a high-quality material which complies with global safety standards. And  laminated board used as the main material for furniture production.

      To produce furniture, laminated  board  melamine particle sliced.  According to necessary sizes after coating and their edges finished. The edges covered with a special brim, for instance, from melamine or PVC.

        Formaldehyde  emission standards class. Reflects the amount of free formaldehyde in 100 grams of dry board. Up to 10 mg of formaldehyde referred to as "Е1". From 10 to 30 mg – as “Е2".

      Furniture chipboard  Quality, environmental friendliness, decent appearance, durability, a wide choice of colours. And reasonable prices. That is why laminated chipboards have become the main material for furniture production.

      Sanded chipboards  surface finishing  laminated to produce  wood veneer  furniture. Laminated boards have different colours and shades. The most common and widely used decor in furniture production is woodgrain.


What are the laminated chipboard shelving sizes?

laminated chipboard cut to size information

chipboard sizesrange 6-40 mm
Formaldehyde emission classE1,E0
density 650 kg/m3

chipboard shelving sizes 

   The most common chipboard shelving sizes on the market today are the following: 1220mm*2440mm, 1000mm*2000mm, 1300mm*2000mm, 1500mm*3000mm. one of which called forty-eight feet. Also a size, it is a commonly used sheet size specification. To choose the size and specifications of the melamine shelving. it is better for users to purchase according to the actual needs of the family.

chipboard shelves selection

melamine surface

      View the surface of the melamine board at a 45-degree angle in a position where the light is not very bright. Is there any unevenness in the gap? Look at the three joint seams and the sand marks of the appearance. If there is, it means the quality is very good difference.

melamine paper

   Melamine paper can divided into ink paper and color paper. The color of the ink paper is more beautiful. More like the processing of logs, including the high content of triamine. It will not fade, and the natural price is more expensive. The quality of color paste paper will be even worse, and it will cost more than 10 yuan on both sides of the ink paper. Inspection method. After two hours of exposure under the sun with two melamine sheets stacked. Look at the board underneath for color difference.

laminated paper

Look at whether the decorative laminated paper  attached to the wood. This related to the production of woodwork. There will be cracks when sawing. Which will increase the difficulty of production and affect the appearance. Inspection method. Take the super glue on the small piece per square demeter and stick it hard to see if it will tear the paper off. Or use your hand to rub it on the cross section, will you knock the paper off?

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About What are the laminated chipboard shelving sizes? How to identify the laminated chipboard shelving? Introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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