What Are The Highlights Of The Particle Board And The Mfc Shelving?

- Mar 27, 2019-


Solid wood particle board and mfc shelving are two common

 building materials boards currently on the market, and consumers

 will compare them when they buy. So which is good for solid wood particle board and mfc shelving? Let's take a look at the solid wood particle board and the mfc shelving together for your reference.

What are the highlights of the particle board and the mfc shelving?

  Which is better for particle board and mfc shelving?

 First, the particle board

  1. What is the particle board?

 The solid wood particle board is a natural wood that is pulverized to form a granule, and then formed by mixing, high pressure and the like. The section of the solid wood particle board can be divided into three layers, the particles in the middle layer are the largest, and the particles on the two sides are relatively small. The flaky particles of the intermediate layer are directional, which also determines the stability of the sheet. Solid wood particle board has overcome some of the shortcomings of natural wood, because it is not easily deformed and has very stable physical properties, so it is more and more liked by people.

 2, the performance of the particle board

 (1) Solid wood particle board is a piece of wood that has been cut by a flaker to form a certain size of debris.

 (2) The solid wood particle board retains more natural wood structure, and its expansion rate in water is only 8%~10%.

 (3) Because the internal structure of the solid wood particle board is granular, its holding force is much stronger than the medium density.

 3, particle board specifications

 If the solid wood particle board is made of intermediate long wood fiber and two sides of fine wood fiber, the specifications are 16MM, 18MM, 19MM and so on. Its expansion rate, fire resistance, deformation resistance, nail holding power, etc. are better than MDF. The high-quality imported particle board is in line with the highest European E1 standard. Its formaldehyde content is only 1/3 of that made in China, and its molecular structure is tight, its bending strength is also very high, its nail holding ability is very strong, the specification is 2.44*1.22, commonly known as 4.8 feet.

What is the melamine shelf board?

 Second, the mfc shelving

  1. What is the melamine shelf board?

 Eco-board is what we call melamine veneer, which means putting paper with different colors or textures into the soaking solution ofmelamine shelving boards resin adhesive, waiting for it to dry to a certain extent, and then heating it. The paper is laid on the surface of a foam board, a moisture barrier or other hard fiberboard, and finally heated to form a decorative board.

 2, the characteristics of the mfc shelving

 (1) Themelamine plywood is resistant to high temperatures and its fire and moisture resistance is also good.

 (2) Themelamine panels breaks through many problems that other sheets cannot overcome, such as high formaldehyde, easy bubbles, delamination, blasting, and the like.

 (3) The mfc shelving has many kinds of colors and colors, and the colors are beautiful.

 (4) Although the mfc shelving can be used to make furniture, it is a new type of material, and the price is naturally more expensive. It is more difficult for the average home user to bear such expenses.

 (5) Lack of relevant technical specifications. Because it is a new thing, in general, it takes a period of time from the creation of the mfc shelving to the improvement, so it is difficult to buy high-quality products.

 Article Summary: About What are the highlights of the particle board and the mfc shelving? After reading this, you will understand introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Although only knowing the price can better control the decoration budget, but do not forget to control the quality while controlling the budget. For more inquiries, please surf on www.yspanel.com

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