What Are The Furniture Designs For Melamine Sheets?

- Aug 09, 2019-

 melamine furniture board advantage and disadvantage


Melamine board advantage


-the most obvious advantages of melamine veneer is can disassembled. And assembled at will, with rich modeling and fashionable appearance. Because the furniture of board type is a variety of veneers, color. quality of a material can change, give different feeling.


-melamine mdf price. Melamine panel furniture is much more affordable than solid wood furniture. The quality of the whole furniture determined by the quality of hardware.


-melamine furniture wood finish is artificial board. melamine sheets use the remaining materials of wood as raw materials. And made through processing. So it saves wood resources and improves the use rate of resources.


-The parts of white panel board processed by machinery. And melamine furniture board production and marketing efficiency is fast. Modeling diversity, a variety of veneer, color, texture. furniture   board type differs. Because of physical structure, quality is very temperature, not easy affected by damp. Affected by damp or be out of melamine furniture polish shape.


furniture board

black melamine board  disadvantage


The biggest drawback, that is not very green. For instance, when melamine board of production particleboard. Need to stick a face to go up completely, want to use agglutinate glue, and glue can release formaldehyde. If buy the board type furniture of irregular manufacturer, use harm to human body is very big. So, when everybody is furniture of choose and buy, want to undertake strict selection, some excitant big furniture, do not want to buy .


Is melamine furniture safe?


At present, in the production of melamine panel. furniture, melamine as an additive used. Not only in the production of high-grade melamine cabinetsa large number. Of use of melamine plate, in the cabinet. the wardrobe, wood flooring and other industries is also very common.


Melamine furniture melamine toxicity does not harm the human body! Melamine does not evaporate any toxic substances in its natural state.


Furniture whether environmental protection. Be to see whether the harmful material such as base material formaldehyde. Benzene exceeds bid. According to national standard. Formaldehyde releases quantity every cubic metre cannot be more than 1.5 milligram. The E0 level standard that Europe formulates is every cubic metre cannot be more than 0.6 milligram. When furniture of choose and buy. Consumer should pay attention to this kind of volatile harmful material. In base material whether amount to standard. And need not worry about melamine panel to be able to cause harm to human body.


The main furniture design of melamine wood


Office commercial furniture


Melamine board because of it's own can copy the characteristics of all kinds of patterns, bright color. Used as a variety of wood-based board and wood veneer, hardness. Wear resistance, heat resistance. So it can made into office furniture of diverse styles. Among which the office furniture of modern and simple style loved by the people.


melamine board

Melamine kitchen cabinet


Melamine board used in ambry is the first choice. Because melamine board ambry hardness is very high. At the same time wear-resisting heat-resistant corrosion resistance. Easy to clean and maintain, long service life.


melamine tables & chairs


Melamine boards used for making chairs. The surface is flat.  Because the board double-sided expansion coefficient is the same . And not easy to deformation, bright color. More wear-resistant surface, corrosion resistance, price economy.


melamine shelving


Melamine white shelf board appearance level is high, good load-bearing, flexible size. Convenient combination front without any obstacles to take. And put items is also convenient.


It should noted that when using melamine shelfing. It is not recommended to install them on melamine walls. because of the different load bearing forces of the walls.

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